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NowGamer previews Bulletstorm on Xbox 360 - "Epic has its fingerprints all over People Can Fly’s pulp sci-fi shooter Bulletstorm. That’s not to say that the Polish developer isn’t bringing its own unique brand of off the wall shooting and massive enemies to the fore, but there’s just something about the way its utilised the Unreal Engine to spectacular results that smacks of a helping hand. With all the talk of the industries big three FPSs – that’s Halo: Reach, Call Of Duty: Black Ops and Medal Of Honor (Battlefield missing out simply by virtue of not having a new title released this year) – there’s been very little attention on Bulletstorm. Which is a real shame because People Can Fly has been quietly working away on what could possibly be one of the most explosive and enjoyable shooters for some time."

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plb2942d ago

Wish I could say this title interests me but I cannot. Just looks meh.

kasasensei2942d ago

It will probably be better than the others Epic titles.

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