The Japan Preview: 9/26 Edition (Pokemon / Yakuza PSP reign)

VGChartz - "While software for consoles in Japan was quite weak in Japan for the week, Nintendo's latest Pokemon title for DS and Sega's first Yakuza title for PSP both performed quite well. Pokemon Black / White fell by nearly 2m units from its opening week, but still managed a huge week two - nearly 800,000 units - a level most companies in Japan can't achieve with any of their titles in the domestic market for week one. In distant second place, Sega's Yakuza PSP title opened to sales of well over 200,000 units and could reach a solid 350,000 or more before it is done selling in Japan. With a second enormous week, Pokemon Black / White could potentially sell over 100,000 units in Japan for the next four to five weeks, just about leading into the time frame when 3DS hype would be building in Japan if the device is to launch in the country by December 31."

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sinncross3033d ago

Nice opening for the PSP Yakuza, and wow at MH2G: that is still selling? lol nice!

bmw693033d ago

Wow, I never expected those kind of figures for a PSP Yakuza game...