Kotick slams Tim Schafer

CVG: Schafer called me a pr**k, but his game wasn't good

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MrMccormo3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

Next year in video game headlines:

"Bungie sucks. We thought they'd be good, but we didn't realize that we weren't doing a 'buy one get one free' purchase with Bungie, because all we really wanted was the Halo franchise. I'm angry, because really wanted to show Microsoft how to truly squeeze the milk out of something".

/bitter sarcasm in case you can't tell

dragonelite3334d ago

durka durka durka
disagrees pushes the minus.


rroded3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

Schafer balls

i know kotic wont understand this but brutal legends was an epic game even if it didnt sell a lot.

Razmossis3334d ago

His game was great, one of the most overlooked games of the generation and one of the very few games that captures how gaming used to feel... like an adventure

Elven63334d ago

Not really, a lot of gamers have been saying the same thing. The Strategy elements really killed Brutal Legends for a lot of people.

rroded3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

it wasnt for everyone
but for those of us who enjoyed it the story art and gameplay we're one of a kind. The rts light mixed with action wasnt anything done before and sure it wasnt perfect but it was fun once you got into it.
The world was a metal paradise and everything had that touch the car the ennemies the story n even jack black anyways my two bits if you havnt played it yet give it a try XD

Anon19743334d ago

Do yourself a favor and play it. Considering you can find it for $15 or so now, you shouldn't miss it. Sometimes storey, design and character elements more than make up for issues with gameplay. Brutal was like an album cover come to life. I've never played anything like it, and even being a metal head the soundtrack exposed me to music I had never even heard of.

Sure it might not be for everyone - but that's not a bad thing from time to time.

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palaeomerus3334d ago

Inappropriate sarcasm.

1.) Activision didn't buy Bungie. They just agreed to publish Bungie's new IP for 10 years. Bungie is still an independent studio.

2.) Activision doesn't own Bungie's new IP either.

3.) It was announced that MS would keep Halo when Bungie left and before they signed on with Activision.

4.) The latest rumors say that Bungie wanted to work with Activision because they wanted their new IP to have a pay to play online structure and have Activision's multi-platform development skills backing them up for their first multi=platform console game.

IaMs123334d ago

Bungie going with Pay to play structure? Sorry but Bungie just lost my interest in their new IP. Not them as in a studio but i will say now i dont like Pay to play games, and the only one i will do is Xbox Live, for now, at least. Lets see whats the hoo haa about them raising the price, or i may cancel it.

Anyways i hate pay to play games, even WoW didnt sucker me in and Blizzard is probably my favorite devs and i wont support them on that either. If Diablo III is pay to play OH will i be pissed... that might be the first GAME i will do that with haha

on topic:
Glad some devs see this too not just us :)

Dac2u3334d ago

I really enjoyed Brutal Legend, it had a lot of great moments throughout the game. Sure, it wasn't Shafer's best game, but it had a whole lot of charm.

drewboy7043333d ago

I loved that game!!! me being a head banger and all Heavy Metal FTW!

LolololRumz3334d ago

This guy is hating on everybody so much that one day he might just turn on himself for the shits and giggles

TheDeadMetalhead3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

And now I'm imagining Kotick having a psychotic breakdown, running around in circles badmouthing Activision while yelling at himself and laughing/screaming like the Splicers from Bioshock.

...And I'm laughing my ass off.

MisterNiwa3334d ago

Lol, that's actually funny.

badz1493334d ago

"This guy is hating on everybody so much that one day he might just turn on himself for the shits and giggles" - how do you know he's doing just THAT already? playing with himself much I suppose! :)

xchris92x3334d ago

For once I actually agree with Kotick, Brutal legend was an average game.

LolololRumz3334d ago

Yeah its not like the many sequels to most of his games are average

xchris92x3334d ago

I did actually like Brutal Legend (probably because I love metal) but I was a little disappointed with the gameplay.

TOO PAWNED3334d ago

I think point here isnt how good/bad Brutal Legend was. Point is that he himself hyped it, but now he says "Yeah it wasn't that good". Lier and hypocrate.


Brutal Legend is still better than anything I have seen from Activision this gen...

Seriously, maybe it's gameplay isn't top but it was really diversified as you could go hack'n'slash, strategy only or even just run over everything with Deuce. Also it had great soundtrack, great storytelling (Tim Schafer is a master at that), great dialogues and voice acting with Jack Black, it was a long game with a huge map if you wanted to get everything in the SP, it alone made it for those 60 bucks. Even the MP is good for people that like capture the tower style and are in the market for a twist in the genre.

All I have seen from Activison this gen is COD... GH... COD... GH... tons of DLC for GH... COD... GH Artist X.... GH Artist Y... overpriced COD map pack... They even do anything else?

Galaxia3334d ago

Agree with Kotick. I love metal, but from the few hours I spent with Brutal Legend it seemed average at best. Glad I never bought it.

gamingdroid3334d ago

Ironically, Kotick had nothing to do with the game and Tim Schafer.

Let's take a look at all the people that complained about Kotick siding with Schafer on those old N4G news post? Even after all that, people still won't stop b1tching about the guy.

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