DualShockers - Was the Halo: Reach Legendary Edition Worth It?

Chris writes, "I’m a Halo fan, plain and simple. I’m not a crazy fan, but a fan none the least. I showed up to my GameStop at 9pm for the midnight release. I was about 8th on the line. Talking to other random people in line about how we all thought ODST wasn’t good and how Halo 3 was nowhere near as good as Halo 2, the question came up. What version did you pre-order? Some said just the regular, many said the limited, but then I said Legendary. Out of the 10 people in the little circle of strangers, I was the only one giving away $150 plus tax for this Legendary Edition."

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DigitalAnalog2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

It's quite the bargain here in Hong Kong (If you don't mind the Chinese Fonts at the bottom of the Logo). Content inside is still in English. About USD$102.00 at most.

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Roozium2945d ago

It was totally worth it. Amazing quality.