Dead Rising 2 banned in the UAE

"Okay, this is getting a bit ridiculous. Joining the massive list of banned games in the region such as Mafia II, Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age: Origins, and Red Dead Redemption is Capcom's recently out zombie gore-fest Dead Rising 2.

As usual, there is no official word from the UAE National Media Council, but according to an official at Pluto Games, the local distributor for Capcom, the game saw the banhammer due to "violence, gambling and nudity", and oh, not to forget the 'use of alcohol' as mentioned in the ESRB ratings."

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Quagmire3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Hm.. I wonder if they will ban Medal Of Honor, or promote the game's controversial selling point?

Middle East Gamers3343d ago

It was allowed to be demoed at GAMES 10, a local E3-of sorts just this month. So things look bright! But you can never tell.

starvinbull3343d ago

Are you suggesting that the UAE supports or avdocates the aims and beleliefs of the Taliban?

DelbertGrady3343d ago

To some the middle east = talibans. Funny thing is that Afghanistan is part of central Asia.

Personally, I find it hilarious how US censorship is extremely hard on nudity but are very light on gun violence and blood & gore. Artfully depicted tits are a no-no while cattle decapitation is a-ok.

PopEmUp3343d ago

but it get you aids :P

AntoineDcoolette3343d ago

Afghanistan is part of the 'greater middle east' though!

mushroomwig3343d ago

I'm completely surprised by this news, I have always considered the UAE to be a fair and constitutional loving country where the government are there to serve the people, not the other way around.

/end obvious sarcasm.

AliTheBrit193343d ago

Name me a single "fair and constitutional" country on this planet - It doesn't exist.

Rowland3343d ago

I would have thought they'd be absolutely lapping up these KILLING games seeing as conflict seems to be many middle eastern countries national pastime.

ECM0NEY3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

"I would have thought they'd be absolutely lapping up these KILLING games seeing as conflict seems to be many middle eastern countries national pastime."


bubs for you Rowland edit: and Scarfy

The sad part is they do worse things to thier people then you can do in this game. Like brain washing an 18 year old kid to kill himself in the name of a religion he doesnt even understand.

starvinbull3343d ago

When you say "they" who are you talking about?

Quoted for truth from Wikipedia:

When contrasted with other Arab states, such as Saudi Arabia for instance, the UAE has comparatively very liberal laws. The country has a civil law jurisdiction. However, Shari'a or Islamic law is applied to aspects of family law, inheritance and certain criminal acts.

The country has undergone a period of liberalization and modernisation during the reign of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The laws of the UAE tolerate alcohol to a certain extent. However, public bars and nightclubs in the UAE operate mainly in hotels and clubs, much like in Qatar, although some do operate independently.

KratosGirI3343d ago

Ignorant twats like Assclown (who definitely lives up to his username) don't know jack shit about the Middle East. People like him think that all of us are like Afghanistan or Iraq. Fuck, they probably still think that we ride on camels and live in the desert when they don't know that we drive cars that are far superior than theirs. Best of all, car fuel is dirt cheap!

In Bahrain, you can get 30 litres of petrol for like 3 Bahraini Dinars (which is an estimate of $8).

Who's laughing now?!

Goddamn ignorant trolololol!

AntoineDcoolette3343d ago

*roll eyes*

Are Assclown and Roland serious?

Panzerkanzler3343d ago


It's good that you can drive around in cars since petrol is cheap, but how about actually important stuff like civil rights, freedom of speech and other such things? On a list, compiled by the economist in 2008 comparing democratic rights in countries, UAE get ranked at 147:th place. Right next to Sudan and Zimbabwe. But you're right, screw that as long as you can get cheap petrol. Everyone knows the middle east (all of it, not just arab countries) is one of the most domocratically retarded regions in the world. But petrol!

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Scarfy3343d ago

It now even sucks to be a gamer in the middle east...

... along with being a woman, westerner, advocate of free speech, believer in democracy, and a bunch of other things I won't write here.

coolcut1353343d ago

sucks that u have no idea about the middle east especially UAE

on a side note RED DEAD isnt banned in the UAE

swat3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

first of all UAE is not all country in middle east, games never ban in other country(like saudi arabia, Kuwait...etc) except GOW2 .. whats u want for a women? be a naked and go to bar and show u some dunce? is that right for a women?or even a man ! not at all women here is have right to eduction, go to mall etc... yah i know u will tell me she can't drive well did u know every women have a driver.. and maybe we don't have democracy except(Kuwait). and why u afraid to write the other things. man up u just say ur country have freedom of speech.

ECM0NEY3343d ago

So every family has enough money to pay for a driver?

Kratosgirl, do u have a driver?

Like I said... Rich elite.

You probably have enough money to get educated. So can you see how much pain and destruction religion causes.

Im not an athiest but even after my free public schooling I can see most religions cause more problems then they solve.

swat3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

yes every family have money to pay for driver its cheap just 250$ for month.
Religion has nothing to do in this , islam prevents the beaten women and urges on education which is to worship! And islam does not prevent from
the Optical women and urges the peace,
i don't know about other country Outside the Arabian Gulf do u?. i don't think he will beat her for get outside no one do that i think.

Galaxia3343d ago

No Dragon Age or Mass Effect for them?! :( Sucks, and I thought Australian gamers had it bad.

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