Zipper's MAG is newest member of PS3 'Greatest Hits' catalogue

If you haven't already picked up the massively multiplayer MAG from developer Zipper then now's your chance to get it cheap in North America.

The 256-player online shooter is joining the ranks of PS3 Greatest Hits, with a price sticker of $29.99. It's out the 28th ready for the big 2.0 update.

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This has to be one of the most under hyped shooters this gen.

RonXD2945d ago

It's not really that great of a game honestly. I love tactical shooters but I did not enjoy MAG much.

killcycle2945d ago

MAG is the most tactical FPS on ps3.
It IS a great game, because it didn't go for the whole "cod" approach people it got over looked.

It's a completely new type of fps and the closest you'll ever get to a REAL war in any game.

jjohan352945d ago

It was already $30 2 months after release. A lot of places were selling it for $30. MAG wasn't a bad game, but it wasn't the greatest game delivered by Zipper as well. Here's looking forward to Socom 4.

JackBNimble2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Mag should have been $29 from the very beginning since it's really just half a game (online only).

djee2946d ago

So all SP games are half games aswell then i guess. interesting

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2945d ago dare you use reverse psychology :)

DrDreadlox2946d ago

MAG is very well implemented and have had some of the best support from any developer this gen. I prefer this approach to the halfass campaign + halfass mp = full game that is so popular nowadays.

FragGen2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

As a day one buyer, I tend to agree. MAG was a bit of a rip-off. It is extremely thin on content and very much felt like half a game. It being MP only is NOT the problem, I knew that when I bought it. Heck I've never even played the SP in BFBC2 and it's my most played game. But MAG just sucks in terms of the lack of variety, pacing, disjointed community, lack of peristence/meaning in the shadow war/MMO concept, faction balance, poor vehicle implementation, etc,etc,etc. It is probably the most under-delivering game I've ever played except for maybe Brutal Legend.

I know it has a cult here on N4G so this'll get disagreed to death but really, MAG failed as a long term game because it did not bring the goods.

It's awesome of Zipper to delay their flagship title, SOCOM4, and still try to get MAG stabilized and do a 2.0 on it for free for the users. That is a kick ass thing to do it shows a sense of responsibility to their customers... So much respect to them, but, again to be honest, they dug their own hole by releasing a turd and then trying to polish it.

So go ahead push disagree now if it'll make you feel better but all us long term MAG guys, know deep down in our hearts that I'm right.

I'm still waiting for a REAL epic FPS/MMO.

Nitrowolf22945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

M.A.G. Didn't suck

see what i did there?
that is my opinion.

I notice with a game like M.A.G. the FPS fanbase is split
some like it and some hate it.
I get messages from other friends saying M.A.G. sucks while i am playing with a full clan party.

Like i said it is split, its one of those titles that not everyone loves ( i mean majority, or as in a large group of people)

i bought this game for $40 of gamefly so that prob one of the reason why i think it isn't bad. Yeah i guess it didn't really feel like a full game, there was so much more they could have added.

btw i agreed with your comment

Stationfan2945d ago

Repect your opinion, but it's just your opinion i own several fps. And none of them offer what MAG brings to the table. I enjoy huge maps and many players and this is the only pace I can get this well besides warhawk which is also my other hidden gem

Oh and motion controls which has made it one of my most immersive games on consoles, battle of your body mechanics vs ds3 check oh my YouTube videos

Sure it's not perfect but nothing is, I will say this Sony is not stupid you might think they just wasted money on having zipper develop a 256 player lag free mmo for nothing.

Well I can assure the technology that went into the server tech is just future implementation on future projects you might hate on MAG but you gotta respect it as a pioneer which future projects you might enjoy because of the game you refer to as a turd paved the road

I can't wait for 2.0 the customization is one of the deepest in fps no two soldiers are going to be alike.

edgeofblade2945d ago

I thought MAG was good but I didn't find it especially compelling. It probably had a lot to do with my disdain for the dualshock for FPS.

Maybe I'll try it with Move later on.

killcycle2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Oh really?

Call of Duty modern warfare
Call of Duty World at War
Quantum of solace
Call of duty modern warfare 2

All these games are the same with small ridiculous changes and are charged at ridiculous prices yet people buy them.

To make things even worse they charge you another stupid armount for DLC like the original MW1 maps yet MAG should be $29?

Do you have any idea how difficult it must have been to make a 256 player game that works propperly on top of paying for the dedicated servers it uses?

You have no clue.

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remanutd552946d ago

nice , good to know , hope to see new people on the game soon , working my way to Platinum , it hasnt been easy but im getting there

DrDreadlox2946d ago

I'm 2 trophies away from the plat. Just need about 150 sniper kills for the sniper specialist trophy and then the 'collect all medals' trophy. Then I can gain my life back.

2946d ago
Close_Second2945d ago

...its not something I'll pick up. From what I hear there is no tolerance for new comers and if you don't have a headset then chances are you'll get booted from the game.

Nitrowolf22945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

um not true
Only time u get booted is when your team killing or your unlucky and get in a squad filled with nothing but clan members and that happens to everyone.
idk bout the newcomer thing

that is why they have Mute option

Newtype2945d ago

They yell at you on the mic, but they won't boot you.


If you are a newcomer just get yourself a headset and listen to people, you should be good to go.

The only newcomers people kick out are those COD noobs that want to pop the disc in and storm the rambo in the game. Not only it don't work but they harm the squad, as they aren't reliable, they give away squad positions, they don't follow with objectives, etc...

If you get into a squad and only see clan member besides you it's obvious you were not called in to the party, just ask if you can stay or they have some other clan member coming, most people will politely answer you if you can or not. That works for all MP gamers around.

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