Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood 15 +, 'Strong Violence, Language'

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood has received a 15+ rating by BBFC, on accounts of 'strong violence' and 'language.'

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wat6342996d ago

Not bad, but did they remove blood?

N311V2995d ago

There is some blood in AC2, not a lot and it quickly fades.

IrishYamato2996d ago

Two things that society can do without IMO. If you dont agree with me, i'll fucking punch you to death.

IrishYamato2995d ago

Reading comprehension FTW.

Count2995d ago

He said society, not video games.

Eamon2995d ago

ROFL, I was the only one that got your sarcasm, IrishYamato.

2995d ago
2995d ago
Kran2995d ago

And it being a 15+ a shock because........? I mean seriously. ACII is a 15+

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