In-depth Review: Dead Rising 2 - Electronic Theatre

With the decidedly western outlook of Dead Rising, Capcom have turned to Canadian Blue Castle Games for the development duties of the sequel, and the team have certainly studied their source material well. Dead Rising 2 is every bit the direct successor to Frank West’s legacy, with a decidedly more heroic twist. While West may have proven to be a John Everyman hero, Dead Rising 2’s Chuck Greene is Die Hard’s John McClane; hard-as-nails and with a heart of gold. Desperate to prevent his daughter from turning after she has been bitten, Greene enters a zombie-killing “sports” show – clearly riffing on WWE, in more ways than one – known as Terror Is Reality in order to secure enough money to purchase some Zombrex, which prevents the infection from developing for twenty four hours. Here lies the game’s linchpin, as the player must struggle to secure a dose of Zombrex every twenty-four hours for young Katey, or all of Greene’s efforts have been for nothing.

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jaredhart3337d ago

only an 80? Funny how that's a bad score these days.

kevco333337d ago

80's a damn good score. Anything above 70 is a good in my book. It's just that some sites/mags think that an average score is 75, not 50 as it should be.

knifefight3337d ago

Is this the one with the rising? And someone is dead? Or dies? And rises? Or...?