Dead Rising will hit Europe unedited

According to a Capcom spokesperson contacted by, the PAL version of Dead Rising will be just as violent as its North American counterpart. "Dead Rising's brilliant violence has been completely preserved for European audiences," he said.

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WaCkY_MuNkY5387d ago

i dont see why it would have to be edited in the first place and if it were to get edited cant they just put an AO rating on it and leave it how it is.

Nodoze5387d ago

There are already a few points which all of the reviews failed to mention. First, the zombies in the retail are SIGNIFICANTLY more aggressive than those in the demo. Second the NPC's you escort can kill you and vice versa (I have already accidently killed Aaron 5 times while I am ATTEMPTING to escort him to safety, third and finally guiding these NPC's is made more difficult due to sections of the mall that are simply blocked off. It would be nice to take a direct route but instead have to take the long way only to get killed or kill the NPC....GRRRRRR

Great game, but the escorts (which are already notorious in the gaming industry as the absolute worst type of mission) are quite frustrating.

TheMART5386d ago

I guess they could want to edit it for the German market, because I saw more titles with blood and so in it not being released in a demo and so on for Germany.

I have no idea really, because in The Netherlands, blood and gore is never a problem in games as long as they're rated. As it should be in my humble opinion. As is with possible sex scenes in games where the whole American parlement seems to fall over those kind of things. Just rate it like we do with violent movies and porno. For real, if they're going to edit it, I'll buy a console with another region and a copy from there!