Latest UK Charts w/e 25/09 – Halo, Goodbye

M2G Writes:

This week’s latest charts are in and it might come as a surprise to learn that Halo Reach has only manage to stay on top for one week.

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xYLeinen3343d ago

Well.. This is UK not USA >_>

SexyPrawns3343d ago

That's because...the UK is fair territory.

The 360's home is America.
The PS3's home is Japan.

They're both playing an away game here...and everyone's batting average just increased.

handheldwars3343d ago

Yeah, and Wii and DS own them BOTH in ALL territories!

Poor PS3 never stood a chance! Tied for 3rd place since its release, how can it ever hope to outsell 360, let alone Wii! LOL

Forbidden_Darkness3343d ago

Always someone who has to try and start a flame ware... Guess i shouldn't expect much from N4G, but come on, atleast try and be on topic...

vsr3343d ago

the last game in the halo series. Sad farewell.

FishCake9T43343d ago

Yeah your right. The Uk is just about equal with the sale of both consoles. I'm not really that surprised F1 is top, it's a great game.

ryuzu3343d ago

I think it's because Hamilton/Button have reignited interest in F1 here.

Still, Reach will probably do well as a Christmas present so it will probably remain high and perhaps even retake that No1 over the next month or two.


JokesOnYou3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

The xbox brand has managed to grab a huge chunk of mindshare this gen, ps3 is just 1 gen removed from dominating the US market with the ps2, Americans have brought more ps2's vs any other 1 country by far, including Japan & the UK of course....yet this gen even sony extremists actually believe 360 is selling well in America because its micro's "home" territory. Oh how things have changed. lol

Reach is awesome, I wish I had more time to play it.


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r1sh123343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Its expected, however Im sure most people will have Halo in the UK.
For sales to drop 80% means that many many people have already bought it.
It has to be mentioned that the F1 game is multiplat so theres anothe reason.
I agree with a few comments above about killzone, its an amazing looking game but its gameplay its very very klunky.
They need to improve it, as a AAA PS3 exclusive game it didnt sell amazingly compared to almost all the Halo's etc...

Roonie3343d ago

expect KZ to sell 10m like halo just as dont expect forza to sell 10m like Gran turismo.

morkendo233343d ago

im not directing this at you xyleinen

but everyone in U S OF A dont like the 360
i live in USA my choice is ps3 ALL the way.
at one time I wanted a 360 but after the 64% failure rate appeared i changed my mind. to risky, every 6 months to a year replacing a faulty console was not in my budget paying 150.00 to repair it was the camel that broke the straw for me.
not downing the 360 speaking known facts.

avengers19783343d ago

That's because the people that want Halo, want it right away and get it asap. The Halo series usually gets all there sales week one.

JokesOnYou3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Halo3 was in and out of the top ten in the UK charts and others over a year+ after launch. F1 is the most popular racing brand in the world, Euro loves racers, and this one looks like a quality title, Reach has done very well, already outselling every game this year, lol I imagine micro/Bungie will cry all the way to the bank over this news. I wonder what you'll say if it ends up #1 next again?


hennessey863343d ago

oh the horror halo has moved to second place, quick microsoft do something lol

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ultramoot3343d ago

Not surprising about F1 2010 dominating this week. Some people, especially those from NA, tend to forget that F1 is the most popular motosport brand in the world. I'm pretty sure it'll still be there in the top 5 next week.

Gam3s4lif33343d ago

u all do know that F1 is a multiplat game while halo isnt

DeFFeR3343d ago

Most people in NA ignore motorsports to begin with. The market for NASCAR and IndyCar is minimal in the US and Canada. I'm unsure about Mexico.

It seems like this is how it breaks down:

USA- FPS, "Big 4" Sports games, Platformers, Sandbox
UK - Driving simulation, "Next 4" sports (racing, soccer, cricket?) action/adventure and the same platformers/sandbox as US.
Japan - RPG, Simulation (of anything...) alternate realityish scenarios. and a few other from both US and UK.

That's what it seems to be like, to me. If you have more insight or information, I'd appreciate it. Do you like in the UK? What do you feel are the more popular games there?

TBH, I'm not surprised at all that F1 is first and H:R is second in the UK, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if Halo is outsold in NA in the upcoming weeks. H:R is one of those 360 must haves that most people pre-ordered and picked it up within the first few days.

djhsecondnature3343d ago

When you say "Big 4" sports games, you mean in America yeah?

Pretty sure F1, 'Football', Cricket and Rugby have bigger worldwide appeal than American football, baseball, hockey and basketball.

tinybigman3343d ago

And I love formula 1, touring car series, and le Mans series. American motorsports sucks a$$. If my funds were good right id pick up formula 1 in a hearbeat.

wotta3343d ago

Everyone who wants Halo has it, what surprises me is F1 2010 outselling Halo Reach and Dead Rising 2 combined.

units3343d ago

F1 outselling Halo Reach is 360 and PS3 combined sales

wotta3343d ago

is coming this week, expect nothing else to touch that once it gets in its stride.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt3343d ago

yup i agree.. halo wont be first again till christmas maybe not even

Forbidden_Darkness3343d ago

Looks like Sports Champions is still holding strong for having a limited amount potential buyers as of yet (not sure how much Move has sold thus far), so im quite impressed by its sales thus far. The future looks bright for Playstation Move and i must say the potential Move has is insane.

Who has yet to buy Move, but plan on buying it soon?

SexyPrawns3343d ago

I let tons of people play Move so far. Those who had no agenda loved it! Those who thought it would be a Wii HD went away still hating it. Lol.

Haters gonna hate!

Forbidden_Darkness3343d ago

Yeah, some people apparently can't see it's potential or enjoy it for what it is, people must always compare something to something else, just so they can downplay it. My family has been playing a few games with me (this is really the first time they've played any sort of game with me, so it's a big plus for me) and they are loving it.

DeFFeR3343d ago

"people must always compare something to something else, just so they can downplay it."

I hate this. People try to compare things only because the market share is about the same niche of people, but most people here lack the ability to realize that both/all can coexist.

Your point about family playing with you reminds me of when Guitar Hero came out - My father really used to enjoy playing his guitar, but a few years ago, his arthritis got worse, and his articulation wasn't what it was. I showed him GH, and he fell in love all over again. Every time I visited, I had to bring my 360 with GH or RockBand with my PS3. I bought him a 360 for xmas 2 years ago.

Now, with Kinect and it's unique features, my young son and my nieces and nephews are completely overwhelmed with anticipation for Kinect, and the animal game (Kinectianimals?) Not exactly my cup of tea, but it's nice to see the family show interest in what my wife calls "The testosterone machines". Now, even she is excited for the different exercise/yoga/dance games for Kinect.

Personally, I'm hyped for PS3 and move for the more "core" games like KZ3 and the like. I was itching to buy it near launch, but my wife cautioned me, that I only own one PS3, and "come Christmas, you won't have another PS3 to handle two movey things" was her quote.

I'm glad that there are others who like how involved their familys get with their gaming like I do.

stevenhiggster3343d ago

I had it pre ordered but cancelled it because Socm got delayed. I'll definitely pick it up when Socom comes out.
I'm not really that interested in all the sports games purely because the room I keep my PS3 in is just not big enough for me to be standing up waving my arms around playing tennis ;-)

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