Golden Guns Are Back In Black Ops?

It seems that the Golden Guns from Call of Duty 4 might be coming back to Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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jopeussr2944d ago

'been missing these babies since COD4, GJ Treyarch!

BulletProofVess2943d ago

are probably that camo that was locked until 10th prestige

as other sites pointed out

Brewski0072943d ago

Love me some Golden Guns. Good work , Heres hoping !! :)

BattleAxe2943d ago

I was pimpin' it with the Gold AK47, the Gold M60, the Gold Mini Uzi and the Gold Desert Eagle in CoD4, if this is true I'll not only be PWNing Noobs, I'll be Pimpin' them too :D

evrfighter2943d ago

oh joy an article about different weapon skins...


Mista T2943d ago

will be exploited and will be hacked by hackers in the first week, just watch

BattleAxe2943d ago

Yeah, on the PC version.

jammy_702943d ago

really though, who cares?

gtamike2943d ago

copy and paste just like a mod

JeffGUNZ2943d ago

it's a sequel to most popular video game series this generation. Why wouldn't they use things people enjoyed that made the game successful in the first place? You know what, why don't you go and create a better and more original FPS than COD and then let us all play it? Until then, shut up, the COD bashing is getting old on this site. Face it brother, you're the minority. Take a look, Call of Duty is the highest selling and currently has more reserved copies on the PS3 than GT5! Millions and millions of people love this game. It's ok to like it, it's a fun game.

mugoldeneagle032943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

I'll agree with you completely that it makes sense to bring things like these back. Also that COD hate is starting to get a bit old, more or less just for Black Ops since we haven't really seen a ton of info yet

But sales and reserved copies mean nothing. The reason so many people buy Call of Duty games is because it's an easy shooter. Anyone can pick up the game & play and feel great. Comparisons aren't very fair, especially against a racing sim, even if it's the most popular racing sim on any console. Add millions of dollars in marketing, and Activision gets their sales.

Just think what would happen if 2 million COD players hopped on a "hard" shooter like SOCOM. I guarantee more than 1/2 of them would quit within a few days.

So yeah, not that I have anything against the COD fanbase. I play it. And if people love it then like you said, let them be. Just don't think that sales mean it's automatically more important than a game like GT5

JeffGUNZ2942d ago

I don't believe it's more important or it's better, it just shows the average consumer is pumped for COD then GT5 at this point. I am expressing the popularity and not the overall content of GT5, man that game looks sick!

Curtiss2943d ago

This could be said to any sequel these days, but Black Ops is at least bringing some new things to the table.

jopeussr2943d ago

it's not that new, but it sells :P

ShadowRyuX2943d ago

Prestige # - Highest Camo Available
0 - Yellow Tiger or simply "Tiger"
2nd - Blue Tiger
4th - Red Tiger
6th - Silver
8th - Gold
10th - Platinum

I think that would pretty cool, but that is just me.

JohnApocalypse2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

That would be cool. I bet they would require like 400 headshots

MisterNiwa2943d ago

Only 400? More like 10,000.

KillerPwned2943d ago

Still Activison will not have my money...I rather give it to gamestop by buying it used.

Fishy Fingers2943d ago

And where do you think that original copy was purchased.... Gamestop.

KillerPwned2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Don`t matter to me they are no where near as bad as Activison, Gamestop really is not even that bad. People just make it like that and we always hear bad stories about the assholes that work their not every store has dicks as employee`s. You are never forced to sell your games to them to.

Gamestop is good sometimes for used games. But as for buying stuff new with all the deals u can get online u are better doing that.

Gamestop to only makes about $4 for every new PS3 and 360 game sold at $60. But when you buy it used they get the full amount that is how gamestop is still in business without used stuff they would not exist.

But whatever your thoughts are i respect them.

ShadowRyuX2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

I read in a GI that the Store gets $5, Publisher gets $50 and Developer get $5 for every sale of a $60 game, but I'm not 100% if those are the correct numbers, because it was quite awhile ago I read it.
So here is how the distribution goes.
New Copy - Gamestop: $5, Activision: $50, Treyarch: $5
Used Copy - Gamestop $35 ($5 - $20 paid to seller + $55 from new buyer), Activision: $50 (From initial sale), Treyarch $5 (From initial sale).

IMO, either way ATVI still wins, just not as much. And the only one who is really being screwed over is Treyarch, because they make very little commission from new sales to begin with.

KillerPwned2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Nice info you put together Shadow i liked it. I agree with you i figured i would just buy the game off ebay that is where i will get it the cheapest and with Christmas coming up i cant just go blow money on a bunch of games and be selfish i gotta get stuff for family. Bubbles to you also.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Gamestop...lol4rl blood sucking assholes just like Activision. Why not support your local mom an pop store instead.

HOSe2943d ago

something tells me people buying this game wont trade it in for some time

-Ikon-2943d ago

That's what they said about MW2. My copy only lasted 2 weeks in my house.

Fishy Fingers2943d ago

Used copies sold for like £2 less than new here in the UK. If i wanted the game, Id rather just pay that extra few pounds and have it new on day one. I dont really care about all the politic BS surrounding Activision.

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