Demon's Souls: The Five Tips Every New Player Should Read

Guardian: "If you're new to the game, or already deeply absorbed but in need of guidance, help is at hand. We've spoken to Matthew Whisker and Wayne Gibson, the writers of the official Guide to Demon's Souls and administrators of the Demon's Souls Wikidot. Here are their quick hints for Demon's Souls success."

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The_Quiet_Man3335d ago

One tip I give is to make sure you have a trey of cans to drown your sorrows or a big bag of weed (preferably both) for when the game hands you're a$$ to you constantly.

Seriously though, I found after killing a boss its wise to go straight back to the Nexus, spend every soul, kill yourself in the Nexus & after doing so, explore the other levels in soul form.

In body form, the level you die in, gets a bit harder each time you die in body form (6 body form deaths = full black world tendency, for that level). At least in soul form you can die multiple times & theres no effect to that tendency on that level.

Killing yourself in the Nexus doesn't effect the any of the levels tendency at all plus you can't be invaded in soul form (by black phantoms) & can still play online. The only negative in soul form is that you can't summon blue phantoms for help & you're healths a little lower. Make sure you find & equip the Cling Ring in Boleteria for more health as a soul.

blahblah3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

but... at least i have to give you credits for legal duel avoiding. i hate when you invade 20+ people in a row and they all disconnect before death or hide and do nothing but wait.

"plus you can't be invaded in soul form (by black phantoms)"

but after you finish game few times, invading and dueling is the only thing. what you now avoid... you will be waiting for later;)

"cracked ToB" - hate that cheap shot valid for str build. definitelly one of bigger game mistakes for making cursed static. makes str build so cheap i simply deleted it and never even touched str builds again. whole str build with large weapon is kinda cheap, no need for almost any stat but vit and str. at sl120 you can get almost to str80. and with cursed on weapon doing insanelly cheap damage. they made other static spells like poison (does 5/sec, cracked 2/sec),plague diminished when using cracked ToB. just cursed is static x1.5 physical. using great axe and masters ring adds another x1.2. almost as cheap as mage boosting with 3x1.3