How the LittleBigPlanet 2 Vietnam FPS was made

Critical Gamer writes: The creator of this level is known on PSN as PPp_Killer. The Italian YouTube user who broke the beta NDA (by uploading game footage early) is known on YouTube as TheFinalBurst. They are not, PPp_Killer is keen to stress, the same person.

“I saw my level and I was laughing at how it was posted; I liked how TheFinalBurst put into the description “My favourite level in the Beta” but I did not like the fact that people thought he made my levels and a bunch of others. He should have written “Vietnam FPS by PPp_Killer”. I remember seeing Joystiq publish an article and yet again, getting the facts totally wrong. It’s hard to believe anything Joystiq say if they can’t see he didn’t make the level. I did not like how they said TheFinalBurst had made these levels, and a handful of other websites did the same.”

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scruffy_bear3335d ago

Really like the look of the Vietnam level can't wait to see what else he creates

Ron Jeremy3335d ago

Im more excited to see what the 'calculator' guy makes i heard media molecule was so impressed they hired him!!!!!

scruffy_bear3335d ago

The calculator was amazing can't believe what some people can create when they put there mind too it

socomnick3334d ago ShowReplies(1)
Jim Crikey3335d ago

The LBP 2 beta's producing even more amazing stuff than LBP 1!

scruffy_bear3335d ago

Wish I got into the beta, looks like I'll have to wait till the new year before I get my hands on LBP 2

Jim Crikey3334d ago

Looks like the US is getting the better collector's edition though. :(

scruffy_bear3334d ago

I don't understand why tho as MM is a UK company

Cubes3334d ago

Man I wish I was in the Beta! This game looks absolutely mind blowing.

scruffy_bear3334d ago

As it's delay till next year maybe Sony and MM send out more beta codes to make up for the delay

IDesertFoxI3334d ago

That looks pretty impressive. I'm intrigued to see what the hell people are going to do when the full version is released.

3334d ago
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