Move Can Capture Wii Audience, EA says

MCV "EA’s Jens Uwe Intat thinks PS3 motion tech can help talk Nintendo audience to new territory.

Having worked wonders in bringing video games to a whole new audience with the Wii, EA hopes that Sony can carry on where Nintendo left off and take the Wii audience deeper into the games market."

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WildArmed3338d ago

While it's difficult situation for capturing the Wii audience since most of these people already have the Wii and are casual gamers..
And most likely they dont want to invest in another console.
BUT the core gamers of Wii, will definitely be captivated by Move's versatile content -- from games like Eyepet To Killzone 3.

My move STILL hasn't shipped from -.-
It's becoming really annoying really.
I think I might just cancel it and go down to Gamestop to see if they have one available.

Titanz3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

No one can sux as much c*&K as EA does for Sony.

matey3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

no core gamer will be captivated by move because we have wii2 on the horizon SORRY EA but we know u lick microsofts/sonys asses but us wii/nintendo gamers are loyal and the wii2 will be the only console to better the wii controls not to mention all 3rd partys biggest games and nintendos as well as HD/3D graphics at decent frame rates maybe even holographic storage they have it with in phase tech the only companys in the world ready to launch such media and have it all patented i really think MOVE/KINECT are digging a big hole for themselves because ive played Tigetwoods 11 on MOVE its really poor and people will notice so i think when 3DS/Wii2 are on the market lots of devs will be all over these systems until then i will play Black op wii and Goldeneye wii for hardcore FPS action using true 1on1 IR end of Wii2 will land end of 2011 in japan and ist quarter 2012 Europe i think so all this talk of MOVE its an over rated ADD ON