HD screenshots of Metroid: Other M, Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat, Super Mario Galaxy 2 in 3D

Check out some impressive screenshots of Metroid: Other M and Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat in HD, as well as 3D images of Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Dolphin).

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hakis862946d ago

Why do they post "HD" screenshots of games that are nowhere near 720p?
Just wondering =)
Nice screens though.

toaster2946d ago

lol Wondering that myself. I'm surprised how people can even get excited for 720p when I've been gaming at 1920x1200 for 5+ years already.

boogeyman9992947d ago

I'm on the fence right now for Other M. Should I get it?

Valay2947d ago

I would say yes. To be honest, when I was starting the game, I didn't think I would like it. It wasn't giving me the Metroid vibe or anything. However, it improved drastically after a few hours. Just give it some time and I think you can get into it.

tunaks12946d ago

Other M is great, one of the best on Wii.

NamelessTed2946d ago

It is too bad that the actual games don't look as good as these screenshots portray them. Seriously, I see HD Wii screenshots pop up every now and then and I just don't understand how a publisher gets away with it. They obviously want the game to look as good as possible when they show it, but they are borderline lying when they present people with screenshots of a game that are taken at a resolution that the system just doesn't support.

KratosGirI2946d ago

That's because those screenshots weren't taken by the publishers. It was taken by the community running games on emulators.

kasasensei2946d ago

Without paying any of these games.

Mahr2946d ago

"Without paying any of these games."

Er, not really. Dolphin's an emulator, but the most user-friendly way (the one preferred by the majority of the community) to implement it requires owning both the original game and a soft-modded Wii.

Chidori2946d ago

Lol Nameless Ted how stupid can you be. Of course these didnt come from the publishers.

kasasensei2946d ago

Let me put some fresh acid in it.

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The story is too old to be commented.