MMO's On The Consoles. Will They Succeed?

[email protected] writes: MMO’s on the consoles really haven’t been a part of gaming for as long as I can remember. The reason is because the knowledge of the internet and technology haven’t really been there in order for consoles to take on such a serious role.

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B-Real2062996d ago

I can't see the MMO genre really picking up steam on consoles unless there is some sort of cross_play with the PC. Why? The install base is going be a big part and to keep it going.

Would White Knight Chronicles be considered MMO? Never played it but thinking about picking it up in the future

AndrewRyan2996d ago

I do not believe you can cross PC with consoles though, a PC person would be much better then the console person they would have a much better layout and easy macros.

Reibooi2995d ago

This is exactly what Final Fantasy XI did. All players were on the same servers regardless of platform. PS2, PC and 360 players all played with each other.

SE is also doing the same with Final Fantasy XIV as PC and PS3 players will be playing together once the PS3 version comes out.

The question of if MMO's can succeed on console is pretty stupid if you ask me. Final Fantasy XI started as a primary console MMO with far more then half it's population coming from the PS2 and the game is still running today with a pretty healthy population.

And even before that there was Phantasy Star Online on the Xbox which was pretty successful as well. It didn't last as long as Final Fantasy XI and wasn't exactly the full definition of a MMO but it was a big online game that was quite popular for awhile.

Persistantthug2996d ago

Not only is their no subscription to worry about, But NCSOFT could probably be granted the same sort of status that Konami, EA, and Valve have so that they could run their own network-servers so there could be cross play between PC and PS3.

Guild Wars is not too simple, but also not too complex.

I think it's even possible for the game to sell even more copies than the PC counterpart.

Since because there's no montly fee, all NCSOFT's biggest worry would be is selling games, and since WoW is even bigger than when GW1 launched back in 2005, NCSOFT would be foolish to not bring this to the PS3.

Spinal2995d ago

ArenaNet the developers of Guild Wars 1 and 2 did fine with GW1 despite WOW's explosion into the scene. They have absolutely nothing to fear about the sales of GW2 its already topped alot of people's list as the Most anticipated MMO. An im very sure sales will be the highest they've ever acheived with Guild Wars 2. They don't need the consoles at all. Its more expensives for 'un-guaranteed sales' There's only a few that actually would pick up GW2 for their console its just not the market for MMO's.

We all know consoles are FPS galore! and they've taken that from PC's. But MMO's with the level of communication required to make raidin/groupin/trading work doesn't flow well with consoles.

An most MMO players like myself have pcs an conosoles and im sure given the choice to play an MMO on their gaming rig or their console They will pick their Gaming rig.

Persistantthug2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

But I also believe some others will too.
I have a feeling Star Wars (Bioware) will at some point come to the PS3 because EA is as greedy as ever.

It really doesn't matter whether you particularly want it or not, they are coming.

Wanna place bets on EVERQUEST 3....Easy money 4 me.

Consoles expand the MMO market....the market that WoW has a 70% lock on, So the games have to go somewhere.....It's business spinalc0rd.

For the record, Consoles have been able to communicate and game with PC players even BEFORE FINAL FANTASY 11 back in 2002 on the PS2's 300mhz I'm not sure why you think doing so (rading/grouping/trading) is somehow revolutionary in 2010.

Dno2995d ago

And it had cross play. There is absolutely no reason with the power of ps3 and 360 that there would not be cross play. in facct ff14 will have it when it drops next year.

avengers19782995d ago

NO, unless they reduce the prices of there monthly pay to play, or make it free.
I was interested in DCU for the PS3, but I can't see paying 15 bucks a month to play it considering I will probably only play the game 4 to 8 hrs a week.

specialguest2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

It will be hard to succeed, because you have clueless console gamers who believe that they should be privileged over PC gamers, and have MMO be free to play. These types of console gamers neglect the fact that it cost a lot to run and maintain servers.

avengers19782995d ago

I would say that PC gamers shouldn't have to pay for them either. Because let's face it, just because your paying to be on there servers doesn't mean that they don't have problems with them.

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blackpanther252996d ago

They need to be F2P MMOs could have a huge install base if the game is good and advertised well. People can play MMOs for 10+ hours in one sitting but that is not the same on cosole (unless they are super hardcore) APB could have survived if it went console and free to play.

1. F2P
2. Keyboard and mouse support/adequate control scheme
3. Good gameplay

Games like Vindictus, Blade & Soul, Guild wars, lotro, and etc could be good on consoles

Pandamobile2996d ago

APB would have survived if it wasn't a train wreck.

When you you spend 5 years and a hundred million dollars on a bad game, causing your studio to go under, I don't think there being an Xbox version of the game would have helped APB or Real Time Worlds themselves. It probably would have cost and an extra 10-20 million to properly port APB to consoles anyway.

Persistantthug2996d ago

But, Bringing the game to console could have brought more revenue to them, possibly staving off their closure and possibly giving them more time to improve.

Lets be real here.....This is a GTA'ish game.....

While PC gamers like GTA, they don't LOVE GTA the same way console peeps do.

In my opinion, this was one of the developers biggest mistakes, if not the biggest.

As a salesman, you are supposed to sell your stuff to people that want it. With this, they failed before the game even launched, imo.

Pandamobile2996d ago

The same way console gamers don't like MMOs as much as PC gamers.

Spinal2995d ago

Exactly. Console gamers are not into MMO's like PC Gamers are. Thats why these high end developers are making their MMO's for the PC Only.

I hear alot of talk about DCUO but have you actually seen the gameplay?? lool the game looks dead boring no soul. Just wait remember that Spinalc0rd said that DCUO will launch and go quiet a week later. The game will fail.

Raikiri2996d ago

Yeah MMO's on consoles should be b2p(buy to play)

therefore guild wars 2 is a great candidate

Motion2996d ago

I'll agree that Vindictus and Guild Wars would probably work well on console, due to more simplistic controls or less skill buttons. However, I played lotro for a while and probably had about 40 slots filled with skills/potions/abilities. There are some things you just need a keyboard for, and I don't think you could ever effectively map that many actions to a controller.

MysticStrummer2996d ago

It depends on what you mean by succeed. I played Everquest Online Adventures on PS2 for several years, and there are still people playing it.

INehalemEXI2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

"We wanted to make the next EverQuest be something that still keeps the flavor the original and the lore and core tenants of it, but we wanted to make something that is truly next generation," said SOE president John Smedley of the game's direction. Smedley also said that SOE plans to provide a wide range of scalability for the game, noting that EverQuest Next will accommodate cutting-edge tech right down to minimalist laptops."

Seems like the next EQ could end up on PC and PS3. And seeing as its pretty much a reboot it could be good real good. Before WoW the big MMO was EQ.

He also said this in 2009

Speaking to GameDaily, SOE president John Smedley said he believes that MMO gaming on the PS3 will bring in a lot of new players ("a lot of the people who play PS3 games right now aren't the same people playing MMOs"), and these players will in turn account for up to 50% of SOE's business:

I think PS3 will be close to half our business. There's an audience now waiting for online games on the PS3. I believe PSN has over 15 million users today (ed: Kaz Hirai puts this number at 17 million). It's growing so quickly, we see a great user base potential there.

Well the base is larger now and if they want the PS3 user base they would bring not only DCU, and The Agency to win them over...They would bring EQ to the PS3 I would think.

golsilva2996d ago

i think mmos on console need a free to play model or a cheap yearly subscription like 10 or 15 bucks. yea i know servers are very expensie especially for mmos but thats what they need in order to succeed on consoles.

dc universe online is shaping up to be a good game but the subscription model has definitely turned off some potential buyers.

i think the upcoming mmos will decide if it worth to invest on console mmos or not. will subcription model mmos like dc universe work or free to play model like the agency on the ps3. thats what sony is testing the waters for.

Gambit072996d ago

Some will, some won't, just like MMOs on the PC.

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