Trinity Zill O’ll Zero hands-on, 5-minute gameplay video (RPG Land)

"Trinity Zill O’ll Zero is a must-play for action RPG fans with a PS3. The demo at TGS was fabulous and only left me wishing I could play more." -Heath of RPG Land

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Neckbear2946d ago

Please come to the States.

imoutofthecontest2946d ago

Seriously, I just might drop the import cash if this goes too long with no NA announcement. Good thing the PS3 is region free.

Neckbear2946d ago

...Too bad I can't understand Japanese either, otherwise I would have imported alot of titles.

knifefight2946d ago

From the looks of this game, you don't have to speak Japanese. After some trial and error with the buttons, seems like everything should fall into place, like with most action/RPG types.

rdgneoz32946d ago

A little shaky on the cam, but looks like a good game. Haven't heard a lot about it since it was first released, but its looking good. Any idea when its suppose to release?

imoutofthecontest2946d ago

Not sure what the Japanese date is -- I THINK around Christmas? No announcements for other regions though. :(

kevco332946d ago

I think it's been pushed back to early 2011 in Japan. I know it's currently expected to release mid-2011 in Europe.

mastiffchild2945d ago

Wasn't this the game that Shopto had available for pre order(may 2011) in the UK but then it disappeared, though? I'd worry til we get a firm date as youy know how loathe the Japanese publishers can be to bother with rpgs in the west at times.

inbetweener2946d ago

Every time I see anything on this game I am more impressed... at just how stupid the title is.