CVG: FIFA 11 Review

FIFA is quickly becoming the hardest franchise to review in the entirety of the video game galaxy. Basically, it's been making us look like mugs ever since FIFA 09.

The revamped entry - which came after the slug-fest that was FIFA 08 - made critics stand up, applaud and declare console football back on track. FIFA 10 trotted out of the tunnels a year later, bringing the likes of 360 dribbling with it. It offered fluid, flexible play on the field - and lit up score boards everywhere.

"The definitive football game" we all called it. But we were premature. Along came FIFA World Cup, which would go on to brighten up our otherwise miserable summer of soccer with a flair-filled yet balanced take on the beautiful game. It managed to combine the weighty, authentic feel of FIFA and the screaming, pad-clenching moments of PES at its near best.

There are only so many times critics can say "this is as good as it gets" before to be shown something better the following year. It hurts our ego.

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elcompa4253338d ago

It will arrive @ my GF apartment on Tuesday!! I don't dare send it to my apt, my neighbors would steal it from my porch while I'm in class....

saimcheeda3338d ago

reviews above 9.3 consistently, i just have to play this now!

spdarksky3338d ago

I played both PES and FIFA. Waiting for the PC version of FIFA11, i heard it's FIFA10 Console with updated roster and graphics. Hell it's much better then half arsed FIFA10 PC.

superrey193338d ago

Loved the demo and this is just icing on the cake. Definitely getting this.

3337d ago
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