Accepting the consequences of a life without quick-saves

Gamers have become used to the idea of the quick-save, the frequent save point, the idea that we can do everything perfectly, eventually. There is a good outcome, an expected way to win, things we can practice and refine to make sure we get every experience point and leave no man behind. If we don't do something perfectly, we reload, practice, and continue to try until we get what we want.

For the past few weeks Arstechnica's Ben Kuchera been saying no to the quick-save, and he's never been happier with his gaming. Finally, decisions mean something and my actions have weight. They say life doesn't have a reset button, but the truth is gaming doesn't always have to have one either.

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rebirthofcaos3344d ago

I want to say that the problem with that is games are lame (easy) as hell. There is no challenge. The only one that is a good challenge this generation at least for me is demons souls.