Kinect Xbox 360 Ads: Just for kids? - Hardcore Gamers Look Away

Product-Reviews writes: We’ve just taken a look at the brand new ads for the upcoming Kinect motion controller and one thing immediately crossed our minds. Where was the attempt by Microsoft to prove that this thing isn’t just for kids?

If you are a Xbox 360 owner and still undecided on whether Kinect is right for you, surely you would want to see a bit of evidence by Microsoft which suggests that Kinect will also appeal to the hardcore category as well as for kids and the family.

It would have been nice to see a first person shooter or another 'proper' game demonstrated in Microsoft's first batch of official ads, but instead we are treated to watching kids play a bunch of upgraded Wii games.

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-Alpha3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

It's for kids, adults, and family. That's what the advertisement was.

I don't see this as a bad thing, Kinect has its audience and it's not us. I can see why the casuals may enjoy it, but it's evident that MS needs to put up or shut up when they keep telling their core audience that Kinect has "gamez for da hardcorez" because they don't.

It's just a shame that the product is a shell of what it was promised to be. Between supporting the Xbox and now Kinect MS is wearing themselves thin.

snipermk03343d ago

I just lost a piece of my manhood watching those ads. :[

Windex3342d ago

wuts with MS these days??

they say they dont need bluray. and now they say Kinect is hardcore??

Lol. they need to back up their claims.

uxo223342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

"Hardcore Gamers Look Away"

Really, does hardcore game now mean "D!ckhead" that can't relax and have fun if the game doesn't have you killing someone.

This hardcore gamer BS is really starting to get annoying. All in all it's about gaming and gaming is about entertainment and having fun. So now we have a bunch of assholes that are going to try and interpret for the rest of the world what fun is?

Sorry, I'll pass, chock me up into the casual gamer that plays Halo Reach, God of war, Madden, Fable II, wii bowling, wii fit, sports champions and soon to be playing kinect sports and dance central category.

Keep your "labels", I'll be playing games.

MrMccormo3342d ago

Microsoft is trying to replicate what the Wii did, with one major difference:

Wii's motion controls - while being casual friendly - also added new complexities to control methods. Kinect actually removes accuracy and control methods. There isn't a hardcore gamer on the planet that actually wants LESS control and accuracy over their games.

OneSneakyMofo3342d ago

Hands down, those were the most casual videos I've ever seen.

The music, the narrator, the people, the moms, the kids... I think I need to go play God of War 3 now.

Arnon3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

One of the best comments I've read in a while, and actually makes sense for anything related to casual.

It's also funny, when you work at a GameStop and have grown men come in who want to purchase Battlefield: Bad Company 2 while asking when Kinect comes out, and only prove to the world that gaming is about fun and not what it's classified under.

Lastcall3342d ago

Can everyone yell out loud: "FAIL". Rofl

divideby03342d ago

I just want to cover my 360 with little girly panties after watching those vids

Immortal3213342d ago

Gaming is all about winning and losing, if you take that away then what is it called?

that's a bi*ch made ad for bi*ch made gamers.

KingME3342d ago

Gaming is also about sportsmanship, community, friendship and most of all fun. I don't need to kick my wife's ass in a game to have fun with her. I also don't need to keep score in every thing I do to have fun. Although it would be nice to kick people in the ASS can only see things one way.

Immortal3213341d ago

Gaming is all about winning and losing. unless it's co-op, where everybody is a winner. Gaming is bound to get competitive that is why it's called GAME.

if you can't accept a lost, you have no sportsmanship, right.

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Philaroni3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

They remind me alot of Nent. old adds when the Wii first came out, if any of you remember back that far. However it worked well for them and there is no one that can say for a fact it wont work for MS, so we will just have to wait and see.

Side note: My major issue with it is that games are all about getting you immersed in to the game. I see that being very hard to do that 99% of things in games you have to press or activate something to get a result on screen and in real life situations, driving, shooting a gun ect.

A few things like Millionaire or Deal or no Deal could be cool with Kinect being what you do on those shows Kinect can represent well. Other then that I see only limitations, not the tech it self but what modern games demand of the tech. I do very much think this kind of tech has a good future but not in games right now and not as a primary input device. Kinect right now is just very impractical.

beardpapa3342d ago

the thing i wonder about is how does MS intend to get non-360 owners to purchase a Kinect bundle. A lot of families with a Wii only bought the console because of its family-friendly oriented nature. A couple families I know bought it for their 4 yo and 6 yo to play Super Mario Galaxy, Samba de Amigo, Mario Sluggers, Mario Party, etc. Typically games that are family friendly.

The 360 has a very strong relationship with core gaming however and despite multiple attempts from MS to lure the casuals to it with games like BanjoKazooie and Viva pinata, they just weren't very successful. When people mention 360 they think Gears of War, Halo, Modern Warfare, Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, etc.

Sure, MS can advertise the new guise they have but if Wii-only families are content with what they already have, how will MS attract and convince these families to purchase a 360 Kinect bundle when they're already content with a $130-$199 Wii (and even free depending on where you look) especially when the kids aren't old enough to appreciate HD gaming?

Philaroni3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )


Thats true as well, I'v always saw MS as a core online gaming company, Nothing about the Xbox even the name Xbox itself just tells me its not core system. That and they are asking alot for any gamer to get a system for Kinect and then get games for it and if you want live that is more $$ as well. Move does have the same issue but they are building off a proven system that the Wii has shown to work and The Playstation brand has always walked the middle ground between core and casual gamers since it first started.

That with the fact MS can not offer the kind of First Party backing Sony and Nent, can with there respective products. For Ms that means having to ether expand which they are not doing or shift there focus from the core.

Its a very odd issue to say the least, I think in the very long run it could work out for them even more so once it hits a lower price around the 79-99 mark, but till then it looks like a rough road.

lowcarb3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

It's to early to call it a shell but I'm not buying in just yet. Sure the kids will love it but next year with big name exclusives on the way might just be the way to go. It's targeted for everyone and once again I applaud MS for trying but just need to try it 1st and see games to buy in. Kinect is about having fun people with no if and or but.

wat6343343d ago

We will see a time where the hardcore gamer will accept kinect. Just watch.

Motorola3342d ago

I dont think it will be able to be accepted by the hardcore gamers. What kind of hardcore gamer dances in front of a camera holding nothing, and pretending to shoot?

Killzone3Helghast3342d ago

We will see a time where Kinect is in the bargain bin at your local Walmart.

rroded3342d ago

sigh why they think a dumed down eye toys all that...

Triella3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Even then you have to relalize that it is a really slow and unpractical remote, have you seen the E3 présentation of the guy navigating the menu, it took him at least 20 seconds to enter the menu and to get to a preselected movie, just imagine how much more time it will take if you have dozens of video to browse from.

And knowing how Kinect has definitely gestures recognition problems there's still the possibility for the device to pick up unintentional gestures : look how he consciously put his hands on his thighs and tries to move them as little as possible (this has to do with the fact that when we explain something we tend to move our arms to convey our message). Had he done that the device would have missread the intention and messed up.

Pedobear Rocks3342d ago

as MS brings out a wand style controller to use while jumping around. It is inevitable.

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Moerdigan3343d ago

Honestly I think Microsoft made a smart move to go for "family first" because from what I seen from many core players, they already made a choice about Kinect.

Bathyj3342d ago

"If you are a Xbox 360 owner and still undecided on whether Kinect is right for you, surely you would want to see a bit of evidence by Microsoft which suggests that Kinect will also appeal to the hardcore category as well as for kids and the family. "

Apparently they dont. All the hardcore xbox supportters here are saying (at least to our faces) that kinect is great, woohoo, where can I buy it. Evidently they dont need to see any proof at all, they just take it on M$'s word.

Me, I've had an Xbox since launch but I'm not a hardcore supportter (as you probably know.) I have it for that 1 or 2 games a year that come out that arent on PS3 and I dont game on PC. Having said that I have nothing against Kinect except I think it needs a controller still, and the main reason, M$ have yet to show why I should get it. I dont want to return kickballs, I dont want to jump from tube to tube on a river. I want to play the type of games I play now. Thats why I'm moderately interested in move and hardly interested in Kinect.

If these ads are doing nothing but promote what I already think, ei that Kinect is for kids, casuals and shovelware then they're not doing themselves any favours, at least as far as gamers are concerned. But then maybe gamers were never there target, just like Nintendo. If thats what they want, then so be it, I'm sure the loss of my business doesnt bother them.

amiga-man3342d ago

Bathyj, I wasn,t sure about Move, but it's fair to say it works exactly as promised, and i'm having a great time with it, it certainly has potential in all sorts of games.
Kinect well i'll reserve judgment, but but from what i have seen its not looking good.

BillOreilly3342d ago

im excited about almost every game announced at tgs. Real games are coming and i cant wait to see what developers can do with kinect. They need to be creative and it will bring many new games people would have never though would work. By going for families they will expand the xboxs market and more games and dev. will come to the 360. Its a good plan. The 360 is already the core gamers system now it will be everybodys system or thats Ms's thinking behind the strategy.

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