Upgrade time: Civilization V struggles with integrated graphics

PC Authority tested Civ V with a selection of graphics cards and Intel's integrated graphics.

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Letros3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

I'm surprised it plays at all, get a real computer, don't fall for the Intel HD marketing scheme next time, if battery life is a must, look to an Optimus solution.

Bigpappy3343d ago

Been there, done that. I buit my own PS with the latest System brds, processors, Video cards and monitors. Then every time a new hot game came out, you needed more RAM and a new video card.

I can't see myself going back to that. I am happy with what I have on console. I don't even have the time or desire to play them all.

Civilization is a great series though. If they bing the less featured console (360) version, I will buy it. Else no thanks.

El_Colombiano3343d ago

I don't get why people make PC gaming sound so hard. I have had 2GB of RAM for the last four years. My $80 processor coupled with my $175 graphics card can play any and all games out right now. And it's been at these specs for more than a year now. Last thing I bought was the GPU.

I love PC gaming, it's so....easy.

Zinc3342d ago

It's not even possible to have to upgrade every time a new game comes out. That is an outright fabrication. I play NEW games on my computer all the time and I built it almost 3 years ago.

Man, it seems everybody has a crooked agenda on this site.

1PC2PS333603343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

unscrupulous stores sell pre-built computers with shitty on board chips that say shit like
"1576mb shared grapics memory for stunning hd video and gaming"

when in reality it wont play the loading screen of any modern game.

if you want to game on pc and don't know how, buy a $500 to $600 pre-build dual core with 6 to 8 gb ram and throw in a $80 to $150 gpu and you will be ale to play all games, if you already have such a pc at home, if you have a pc from the last 2 or 3 years, you do, just add the gpu and >>>> BAM!!!!

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