Content cut-up: Stop paying more for less before it’s too late

Extra Guy writes: The gaming industry is at a crossroads, the likes of which it has never seen. There is one issue we face today that goes deeper than Super Nintendo vs Genesis; cartridge vs CD, or Kinect vs Move. Put away your swords and open your eyes, because there has never been another time in the history of gaming where our dollars stood poised to influence the direction of the industry at large as they do now. The very second publishers see that breaking games apart and inflating the price of their pieces is a sustainable practice buying games will never be the same, and we have the power to prevent it.

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imoutofthecontest3336d ago

This is absolutely correct.
When publishers pull stuff like this, if we reward it with our cash, then that's the business model they'll pursue.

Eventually, our definition of a "complete" game will change, because initial releases will be severely gimped, yet still cost full price. But people are generally consumerist whores so I doubt most people will actually do anything about it >_>