Modern Warfare 2: Throwing Knife Compilation Video 2

Wild Gunmen writer Janx finally uploads his second throwing knife compilation video. Read the article and watch the video at the bottom of the page here.

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Spydiggity2942d ago

sick or not...this has no business being on n4g. it's not news. it's some dude that, after thousands of tries, narrowed down his hundred hours of footage to make a video that looks like he's less noob than he actually is. share this kind garbage within the cod community...not on n4g. you can tell by the disagrees ppl are getting that NOBODY CARES!

chazjamie2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

i is speculation articles, such as 15 ps3 exclusives games WE WANT so super duper badly news worthy?who should judge?its gaming related like most of the articles on this website. why is the gt5 faceplate article more than 20degrees? you do know this isnt fox news, news about games does not come that often.

look at gaming magazines, they have become so thin. they even contain reviews of movies and music to fill it up. when in the past they wouldnt even touch a movie review (play magazine in mind; they said it has nothing to do with gaming, a few years later i read my first donnie darko review in games magazine)

look at ign, even they have their most anticipated nonsense of nothing list. if you want your hardcore news. vist the site during e3, tgs (those big gaming events)... then you can have your hardcore gaming news.

HSx92942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

can someone explain to me how this is news?

**FYI, watch the dislikes on your video go through the roofs, next time don't try to shamelessly promote your video on a NEWS website.

chazjamie2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )


why is it a concern, its not like you will ask anyone on the gt5 faceplate forum if a faceplate is those comments, not one will ask the q. they celebrating and popping champaigne on that side of the world.

the vid is fun to watch and will probably be interesting to a select few. You dont need to question it. the faceplate is newsworthy because it is something to know (something new).

Edit: sorry, made a mistake in my conclusion.

HSx92942d ago

what are you talking about?

-Alpha2942d ago


That N4G is more like a dictatorship where only things that the majority like to hear are accepted. That the filtering system is based on the discretion of the majority and their likes. That instead of an unbiased, objective standard of news we have a biased, perspective based system where we want what we like to hear.

He makes an excellent point. Anytime it's a post about something we like we turn off our thinking caps and our ability to moderate the system. Yet we conveniently remember when it's something no one cares about.

I've seen many GT5 YT videos just the same as this one. But only one of these has been actually criticized.

HSx92942d ago

why are you talking about GT5? I never mentioned it, nor is MW2 related to it.

PopCapGun2942d ago


I like their website, they're the only gaming print publication in Western Canada. Sorry if you didn't like the video but Jesus next time just don't watch it.

Although I've only been an N4G member for a few weeks, I've been coming to the site for a very long time for my gaming news and entertainment. Lately though, all I can say is that this website is dragging itself down by its convoluted view of what constitutes actual "gaming news".

Like so many have already said, what makes some blogger's "top ten big breasted women in gaming" list more news worthy than this video + article of an actual gaming journalist?

Spydiggity2941d ago

those types of articles shouldn't be here either. but it's nothing new that 90% of the articles (especially the top articles) have NO value.

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electricshadow2942d ago

I'm not a fan of MW2, but that video was pretty sweet.

Checkmate2941d ago

i agree. and i understand this is a news site but i mean a lot bullshit "news" articles always get approved anyways so whatever. and the guy in the video is not a noob lol. all of those knife kills were game winning kills. give props where props are due people. knife kills are the only thing in mw2 that actually takes legit skill. stop hating.

FAGOL2942d ago

Not news or interesting and well it's average. Search throwing knife montage in youtube. You'll be amazed to see the amount of videos similar to this there are.

PopCapGun2942d ago

Only this one has an article attached to it.

goosepoose2942d ago

sigh mw2, what a beast. black ops: toned downed, stripped down and "balanced"

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