What Gamer Girls Want in a Guy

BMC: After my other featured article "What Do Gamer Guy Really Want" I went out on a mission to ask gamer girls what they look for in a man. As expected the answers are varied, but I did find a few similarities in this batch of tipsy gamer girls.

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Vegeta90002948d ago

Title should be "What drunken gold diggers want in a guy"

Anime-Vixen2948d ago

Well most girls wouldn't want to date a guy who can't support her or himself. Most poor guys are immature and childish. Also It a guy duty to support his GF or wife. So you seriously need to stop with those gold diggers comment.

Defective Bot2948d ago

"Also It a guy duty to support his GF or wife."
The Feminists would like to have a word with you regarding that statement. But Vegeta is right, most women are gold diggers cause that's really all they want in a man.
Pro-tip for all the men out there, women are a dime a dozen, if one doesn't want to put out then move on to another one.

MultiConsoleGamer2948d ago

I've had a number of "gamer" girlfriends and let me just say...

If you think playing games with your girlfriend would be fun you don't know shit about video games.

Anime-Vixen2948d ago

Well he definitely has to be cute. He has to have short hair. I hate guys with long hair. If he has red hair. That a huge plus. He has to be funny and he has to be a huge gamer like me but i don't want him to be nerdy. That a turnoff. So I would basically like a cute guy with short red hair and he would basically be funny and can support me.

Defective Bot2948d ago

" don't want him to be nerdy"
Ironic considering who is saying it and where it's being said.
I think you should worry more about whether or not that dude would find you attractive enough to want to date you in the first place.

pixelsword2948d ago

She has a right to her opinions, just like just about every pot-bellied nerd wants some 18-year-old blond bombshell with huge breasts.

There's no shame in anyone's preference.