Move Supported Games Need More Support

P*N: Like many of the other PlayStation 3 owners I too was excited last Friday to pick up the PlayStation Move Bundle, and with it’s $99.99 price tag I couldn’t really complain as it came with Sports Championship and I was under the impression a few games I already owned, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition and Heavy Rain, were already Move supported. Much to my surprise Heavy Rain wasn’t Move supported until a few days later but Resident Evil 5 was, so after playing around in Sports Championship for a good few hours I realized the Move has a lot of potential. The accuracy of the Move when playing Sports Championship was spot on, any little wrist turn was detected, which made me mess up a lot in table tennis, and it made games like Volleyball and Bocce nothing but fun and frustrating at the same time. But, it wasn’t any of the Move exclusive games that I had any real issues with, it was the controls for games that were getting PlayStation Move support that bothered me the most.

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Anime-Vixen3338d ago

That exactly why I didn't buy it. There too many games coming out in october and in november. DC universe online, Sims 3, Naruto ultimate ninja storm 2. So Move just got moved to the back of my buying list. lol im so funny.

Blaze9293338d ago

I'm not that knowledgable about MOVE's launch titles. But me and a buddy were having this discussion the other night - do any of MOVE's launch titles have online multiplayer support?

Saw that Kinect Sports will support online multiplayer then we got to thinking, wait - do any move titles support online multiplayer? I can only imaging the lag on top of the already present lag of Kinect but I'm also interested to see how MOVE's tech will fair with online multiplayer.

If someone knows what titles support online multiplayer please post them. Thanks

HeavenlySnipes3338d ago

I don't know about the other games. But honestly, are you trying to tell me a 360 gamer who probably has Reach and may or may not pick up Black ops will decide to play Kinect Sports online? WTF? Have fun playing against some kids mom lol....

WildArmed3338d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong..
but doesn't RE5 online co-op/Versus mode already do that?

Or another one off the top of my head, MAG does (at least the beta does from what i understand.. the Move MAG update comes out soon)

UltimateIdiot9113338d ago

Socom 4, MAG, Time Crisis (only Razing Storm if I remember correctly), RUSE, I'm pretty sure RE5 but have not tried it yet.

rdgneoz33338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

RE5 has online co-op/versus. MAG's update should be going live this week with Move support (hell, the beta had it and was going for a while before it finished last Friday), R.U.S.E. does, Time Crisis will have online when it comes out in Oct, KZ3 and Socom 4 will have online, LBP2 will as well. Echochrome ii has a form of online - share levels you make online with others.



MikeGdaGod3338d ago

Gladiator on Sports Champion on-line would be cool.

Buying RUSE this week

smoothdude3338d ago

Honestly I am a high maintenance gamer, and Sony, if you want my money, you are going to have to work for it. I am going to wait to see what Sony does with the move, but I want more than just mini games.

I know there are good games coming out for it, but they are not out yet, so I will wait to see. I personally think motion gaming is so cheesy, but that is because of my experience on the Wii.

Shadow Flare3338d ago

I agree blaze. I really don't know why sports champions doesn't have online multiplayer. If it was lag free, it would be amazing to play that game online. Hopefully they'll update the game to include it

Ju3338d ago

Sports Champions Online would be a blast, though. Curious why they didn't add that. But I could imagine, it might be a lag issue. (?) Timing is pretty crucial in some of the games, but we had online fighting games. Online should be fast enough.

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mittwaffen3337d ago

Keep it clean champ.


rayzorn3338d ago

k this is a serious question...

i got a ps3 and i love it i bought move on last tuesday. and im really not sure if i got a bad camara or not. it looks kinda fuzzy but maybe it is suppost to i keep on debating on returning it or not. would really love it if some people told me how thiers works so i would know if i should try to return it or not. seems to be workin good on some games but a few of the demos i have to recalibrate alot but that might just be because they are not finished games.

any help would be appriciated. i tried watchin some videos posted but normally they are so far away that i cant tell of the video quality. on games like eye pet, start the party, and calibrating like the archery where it shows you where to stand is mainly where i mean.

thanks in advance for any help

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3338d ago

mines the same way at times, i think the lighting in the room could have an effect. Move works perfectly for me on everything I have tried with it though.

WildArmed3338d ago

yeah it's the lighting.
I've had the PS eye since 08 March.

the only time I got REALLY good quality was when the sun was out and I had my curtains open (I have glass doors near my HDTV).

Montoya3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

Few things....

If you want it to be "clear" you`ll need lots of light, but it works just as well in the pitch black for games like SC, STP and Tumble. The only game I use more light for is Eyepet, w/ Eyepet keep the camera much much lower to the ground than normal aswell.

The most important part is the level of the camera more than the light for almost every game.

rdgneoz33338d ago

Many of the demos or games will have you recalibrate a lot. Like Sports Champions you recalibrate when say you start up the Gladiator Duel game, and if you leave it and say want to play Archery, you recalibrate again. You're not always going to be playing the game from the same exact spot or angle or distance from the camera all the time. I know with some games I'm played laying down and relaxing while with Sports Champions, I'm standing up - difference in height compared to the camera and location in the room).

As for the quality on the camera. I noticed in a video chat the picture quality was great. While playing playing Sports Champion, when it takes the photo at the end of a bronze/silver/gold cup, it wasn't the greatest quality picture. However, I never had any problems with the game tracking Move while I played it.

And as for Anime-Vixen, yes there are a ton of great games coming out in Oct and Nov. I'm getting DR2, LOS, FO:NV and NUNS2 (the same day), and DC:UO and GT5 the same day as well.
The article basically says they should add cross hairs to RE5 so you can see where you're aiming before you go into aim mode and that Heavy Rains quick time events were dumbed down. I haven't played RE5 with Move because I bought the original version and refused to get the one a year later that you could play Move with. I did play Heavy Rain which I found to good, not really dumbed down.
As for his complaint (somewhat) about Sports Champions accuracy, at least you know if you screw up its not the game screwing up, you just have to work on what you did wrong. Also, you should see the difficulty when you go past Bronze championships, some of the stuff is insane :p

MikeGdaGod3338d ago

yeah the camera's just like that depending on the light it the room. picture quality sucks, video quality is much better, but it has no problem with Move.

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-X-3338d ago

I was gonna buy MOVE...and what made me interested in them were the tech demos

greenisgood3338d ago ShowReplies(6)
rayzorn3338d ago

just wanted to say thanks to everyone who responded to video quality.

yeah i never had a problem with tracking it also it works great tracking. that tumble demo was really impressive. i will have to try using more lighting while i play eyepet and such next time. i do norm play in the dark more then light so hopefully that works just wasnt sure if i got a bad camara. figured it wasnt though with how good it tracks.

and the recalibrating i mean was in the demo for timecrissis seemed like after a few min my crosshair was off and i would have to hit start to recalibrate it. figured it was just an early build. i understand the recalibrating for sports champion that doesnt bother me at all.

thanks again for the help

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