Help Me, Star Wars: The Old Republic. You're My Only Hope

Bitmob: I've tried several of them, including Final Fantasy 11, City of Heroes, Lord of the Rings Online, and World of Warcraft. And my experience always begins the same way: I pick a class that interests me, I start the initial grind of fetch quests and leveling, and I quickly gain new powers. It's fun.

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wat6343334d ago

I'm hoping environmental destruction in rpgs catches on soon.

Darkfiber3333d ago think The Old Republic wont be filled with fetch and kill quests? Think again. Only now you'll have to wait through 10 minutes of dialog before someone tells you to go kill 5 womp rats. This game has NOTHING original about it whatsoever. Its only leg to stand on is the dialog. They are trying to attract a single player audience to this game and they will realize VERY shortly that it's just another MMO and wont pay monthly to play it. They will lose millions of subscribers after the first month, guaranteed.