Halo: Reach - beware of scams

Web User: Scammers are targeting players of the new Xbox 360 game Halo: Reach in order to spread malware and steal money, researchers have warned.

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wat6342943d ago

Best be on the look out, ey?

N4GAddict2943d ago

Seems like this happens with every big game

Rrobba2943d ago

I'm sure Bungie will deal with this quickly. Haven't come across any problems yet.

chriski3332943d ago Show
Odin7772943d ago

Why would anyone pay to have their gamerscore increased? What's the point in that?

xDaRkModEx2943d ago

Saves them the time to actually do any work.

Spydiggity2943d ago

insecure losers who's only sense of gratification comes from hearing from some stranger online that they are impressed with their huge gamerscore.

LycanSoldier2943d ago

gamerscore is the xbox equivalent of e-penis.

Scotland-The-Brave2943d ago

If anyone falls for these types of scams then its their own faults.

hikayu2943d ago

i cant help but agree .

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The story is too old to be commented.