Complete Famitsu review scores

The full listing of Famitsu review scores is now available. As is known, Famitsu reviewed Dead Rising 2, Quantum Theory, and Okamiden, but the magazine also reviewed a number of additional portable titles, including the first review of Dragon Ball Tag VS.

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jazzking20012948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

cant wait for DS2
theory looks decent

PhilipLarkin2948d ago

Madden NFL 11 (PSP) – 7/6/6/7
Madden NFL 11 (PS3/360) – 6/7/7/6


-Mezzo-2948d ago

I think the PS3 version is great, better than that Score.

Lord Gunchrote2948d ago

You sound as though Madden should get 10s for the same shit they sell you every year. Besides, how well is a football title going to do in Japan?

boogeyman9992948d ago

Last time we found out about Quantum Theory I said you shouldn't trust Famitsu. Looks like I was right since a lot of other reviews have been crappy since then.

xino2948d ago

or maybe you are just a single minded gamer who only buys games from playing an early build of a game and listening to what Metacritic score rates the game.

The game is obviously a take on the shooter genre by Japanese developers, so of course Japanese would want to try the game since they are used to their RPGs.

Did you buy Dante's Inferno based on the demo?

dgroundwater2948d ago

Yeah I think the story of the day is Quantum's score too. There is a real cultural gap when it comes to what's acceptable in a game. Whether that's good or bad is up to gamers I guess.

cyber_crysis2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Quantum Theory (PS3/360) – 8/8/8/7


That was really surprising...or maybe not, since Famitsu gave haze ( pathetic exclusive of ps3) a 35/40.

spunnups2948d ago

I trust exactly ZERO of their reviews, but hey, at least they had the balls to give Madden poor scores!!!!

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