GC07: Images and teaser of Dead Island

Techland released this first teaser video of Dead Island, along with four images.

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beans4938d ago

Now this is the game I'm looking forward to on 360! That looked really good and I hope they show some playable footage of it really soon!

AngryHippo4938d ago

.....coooooool. Cant wait to see more on this

MK_Red4938d ago

Awesome find. I've been looking forward to this since the first screens. Next-gen damage system is here!

MK_Red4938d ago (Edited 4938d ago )

Sorry for the double post. :(

jay34938d ago

I've been excited about this since that first article. It looks sweet. I just hope it's not too scary, i'm a wuss, i think it's going to be one of those games thats good enough to not care about being scared. Like Bioshock!

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