Garry’s Mod is 50% off on Steam this week

E4G: Steam has announced that Garry's mod is 50 % off this week.

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N4GAddict3334d ago

Now everyone can buy it.

evrfighter3334d ago

I was never interesteed in these types of games until I started playing minecraft. Been playing all weekend. ALL I SEE ARE BLOCKS WTF

CovertGunman3334d ago

Not much of a fan for Garry's mod, simply because I haven't used it before, but if I was a fan, now would be the time to get it. :D

Pandamobile3334d ago

If you were a fan, you'd already have it :p

dkblackhawk503334d ago

What a deal! It is good for those who don't own the game ;)

Chefooba3334d ago

So wait... Is this a tool to build GAMES or to just mess around with?

dkblackhawk503334d ago

Tools to mess around with, LittleBigPlanet 2 is to build games :P

Pandamobile3334d ago


If you're familiar with LBP, think of Gmod like a more advanced, less child-friendly LBP.

N4GAddict3334d ago

It's a fun game either way

matrix2013334d ago

Sweet deal! This game is fun for passing the time :D

N4GAddict3334d ago

I logged many hours into it.

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The story is too old to be commented.