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MEGamers:"FIFA is certainly back with a bang. EA Sports did enough to not change too much yet add many very important features to the mix. The passing is perfect, graphics is breathtaking and the new modes are worth your time and then some. I am sure all the fans of the series will go out there and pick up this one on day one. For everyone else that still did not play this game, what rock have you been living under exactly?"

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farhad2k82946d ago

PES better watch out, Fifa be getting over 9's on all the reviews!
Cant wait to cop this on Friday!

zdudynot2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

all the reviewers arent reviewing these two games as football games.
pes is by far way more realistic and fifa is all shiny and presented better. wait a month or two when ur manager mode gets borin cus nearly every game you play is the same.
Pro evo is just better than as a football game.

Yi-Long2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

... and although both are football games, both also seem pretty damn different from eachother, with each having it's own good points and bad points. I don't think there has ever been a year where both games have been so close in quality.
Before, it was always one or the other standing high above the other one, in terms of quality.

It always used to be PES that was the best choice, but the last couple of years KONAMI really dropped the ball, while FIFA made tremendous improvements.

Different people will like different games. Personally, I've played both new demos extensively, and I really like them both.

None are perfect, cause both games have a couple of negatives against them, but they play very differently yet they also both play very nice.

A good year for the football fan who doesn't really care about the whole PES-FIFA war between the fanboys, but just wants to enjoy a nice game of football.

I just wish FIFA would come with a proper in-game player-editor, cause some of the players really look ridiculous compared to their real-life counterparts, and sometimes the stats don't really match either.

Also, the new PES-demo for the 360 has FORCED localisation (Dutch only), and if that's in the final game, it's a huge reason for me to not buy it. I really don't understand why that stuff still exists nowadays. It should just be an option in the menu, instead of being forced upon the player. Ridiculous.

Seijoru2946d ago

People don't buy FIFA just to play manager mode for one thing and another, the reviews clear up that every match now plays completely differently.

zdudynot2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

i know they dont
and the reviews said that last year too.
and the demo has been so boring after having played pro evo a few times.
Pro is just too good for fifa and the reviewers were always going to review fifa better thatn pro cus they are blinded by the hype and style, but there is no SUBSTANCE

anticooper2946d ago

pes is no longer more realistic than fifa. Since fifa09 pes has been catchin up. You(zdudynot) saying that every fifa game is the same just shows that you havent been near a fifa game in years.And this comes from a loyal pes fan! and for the record i have been playing soccer for the last 25 years and know all about the sport, so put you" u dont know about football"where it shouldnt be!

zdudynot2946d ago

when did i say its the same game?
since fifa 09? pes was shit last year, how was it catching up?
and i havent been near a fifa game in years? u serious ive put at least a hundred or two hours into fifa 10 and 09 so wise up
and you say u know about FOOTBALL but you clearly don't as u call it soccer.
i know you wont reply now cos i proved you worng in every single point u made, so cbye

Anderson82946d ago

which part of pes is realistic..the crappy ball physics and animations.. or the lame keepers.. its a good game and a slight improvement on last year but realism has never been one of pro evo's strong points.. fifa goes for realism and simulation pes goes for fun and arcade like

topdawg1222946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

zdudynot, umm what? Have you even played the FIFA 11 demo? It's incredibly realistic. BTW soccer is what it's called in the States, guess who came up with that name? That's right the british, they actually used to call it soccer even over a hundred years ago.
PES is way too arcadey compared to FIFA. I love the realistic motions in FIFA, top spin, chest passes, through balls etc......
It's fantastic

zdudynot2945d ago

and about 90% of my through balls set me up for a goal scoring chance. fifa is too easy as well, all u gota do is let go of r2 two and you can pass the ball without out any aid in the aiming department, nearly all the goal online scored against me in fifa 10 online were finess shots too and chips, not so real when the keeper comes off his line at every opportunity.
so much for realism, it looks realistic but it doesnt play realistic, fact

no team can easily string five passes together and have a goal scoring opportunity ever 20 or so seconds.

Anderson82943d ago


arsenal? barcelona? man united?.. dnt tell me teams cant string together 5 passes and have a goal scoring oppertunity..dude do you even watch footbal?

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AKA2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

The more you play it the more fun it gets just like the old times.
Fifa is ok to but to say that fifa is a sim and pes is arcade is retarded.

in the Fifa 11 demo all gamed i play they fell the same its just about fighting for the ball create a prescripted play and get a prescripted gol if you are lucky or learn how to make the few prescripted plays, yes great animations, fluid but prescript play.

In pes everything is more raw natural, the freedom of pass is really good and every game i play fells diferent and everything depends on you imagination or skills.

few said that pes have stupid keepers and i could say the same about fifa si stfu troll.
and do you guys notice how you team mates in fifa never react or play whit you, its by prescript plays and luck if you do a good play.

fifa11 fells jusk like the old pes3,4,6 but without that magic that pes allway have. but better animations but prescript gameplay.
The king is back and is engeneered for freedom this time.

lol a dissagree

zdudynot2945d ago

ur rite, fifa is made for the mainstream while pro evo is made for the majority of real football fans

xYLeinen2946d ago

Does FIFA score this good basically because PES is the only competition or is the FIFA series really that good?

Yi-Long2946d ago

... but the last couple of years, FIFA really has been the better game.

Neither game is perfect though, and this year's PES seems to be a huge improvement over the last couple of PES games, which is a very good sign.

seij5552946d ago

It is really very good. PES crazies will tell you otherwise because they can't accept that their favorite series has fallen.

AKA2946d ago

the 8,9 pes were bad and fifa w/e boring
pes 10 w/e and fifa 10''ok''
pes11 is really great and fifa is better than fifa10 much better but still just ok.

i think is ea that pays them by adds or just reviewers that review the features but not thd gameplay and the gameplay in pes 11 is just better than fifa 11 this time.

SilverCrow2946d ago

always played FIFA more than PES , and i like FIFA more than PES too..

Matthew942946d ago

"take note of how awesome the graphics is"

ya dey is wack!

AKA2946d ago

this is abot been realistic but ea keep making their games look like cartoons

HOSe2946d ago

already have this bought and 12:00am tuesday cant come soon enough

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