Drifting in Gran Turismo 5: First Gameplay Videos

GTPlanet owner writes:
YouTuber ukoredgar2143 has provided us with some of the most entertaining gameplay videos yet! He’s been camped out at his local Best Buy, playing GT5 Kiosk Demo and putting the game’s new smoke effects to good use. Unfortunately, the demo doesn’t include skidmarks, but these clips still provide a nice preview of what’s to come! Thanks to all who sent these in.

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krouse933343d ago

This footage and showing of drifting is amazing for sure.

BrianB3343d ago ShowReplies(14)
BlackSharinganX3343d ago

indeed some amazing drift vids for GT5P look for drift king on youtube he rocks

rockleex3343d ago

Is he "drifting" with E brake? Or without?

It makes all the difference.

vsr3343d ago

The game shines in every angle of drifting

bobrea3343d ago

Who gives a shit? People who don't have a 360 can't play Forza. People who don't have a PS3 can't play GT5. People who do have a 360 and are into driving sims have most likely played Forza. People who only own a PS3 are excited for GT5. People who own a 360 and PS3 are probably STILL excited for GT5, even though they have most likely played Forza. The point is that no matter what system you own, you have a totally kick-ass driving sim to play either way. SO STOP BITCHING AND MOANING ABOUT WHICH ONE IS BETTER.

Scotland-The-Brave3343d ago

yeah but ps3 guys get the most kick-ass driving simulator like fricking EVer!

IRetrouk3343d ago

thats so true, forza was fun but GT has never been toped, its just a fact.

bobrea3342d ago

You dumbasses totally missed the point. Either way, you have a great racing sim to play so there's no point bitching and arguing like little fucking school girls. Video game forums are all filled with the whiniest little bitches now, it's so annoying.

moparful993343d ago

Anyone else agree that the last video from the roof of the wrc car looks straight up like it was a real video??? Wow that looks insane

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redDevil873343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Smoke trails looks pretty sik! I found drifting really hard in GT5P : /

Raikiri3343d ago

cuz it is hard in real life

DORMIN3343d ago

This game looks too real at times!

PRHB HYBRiiD3343d ago

gotta say .....i love the smoke effect

HeroXIV3343d ago

OMG the smoke is freaking gorgeous.

Computersaysno3343d ago

Yaaaay tyre smoke. Take note Turn 10. Scribble that on your to do list. Drifting makes tyre smoke, quite a lot of it....

renegade3343d ago

Looks cool i believe in the game will be a little larger because in the demo they're little short but like it.

iPad3343d ago

The smoke effect is incredible! jizz.

theonlylolking3343d ago

It looks like the store has the tvs and console display settings wrong(like usual).

Other than that looks awesome.

Jeremy Gerard3343d ago

its just that this is real gameplay, anytime we see GT5 with REAL gameplay footage and not the bullshots that are all over the web, it looks like this.

fishd3343d ago

Get a box of Klinex before watching the footages

Information Minister3343d ago

Yeah, off-screen footage always looks as good as direct-feed. I don't even know why some websites bother with HD capture stations. Must be for the bullshots and not to show us how the game will actually look on our screens. /s

theonlylolking3343d ago

I played it at my stores and they are all messed up. So this one has to be messed up 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.