EA: Says Medal Of Honor Will Get "Dangerously Close" To Outdoing Call Of Duty

In an interview with MCV, European EA exec Jens Uwe Intat makes some bold predictions about the upcoming Medal of Honor reboot. "We’re not going to outdo Call of Duty with this year’s Medal of Honor but it will get dangerously close," said Intat.

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dangert122948d ago

it reminds me of modern warefare but less nooby its defo aa core shooter

Iceland2948d ago

Yeah, that's why I'm getting this game instead of Black Ops.

Red_Orange_Juice2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

MoH will be my major shooter until Killzone 3, Im a little done with BC2, been playing it A LOT

outrageous2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

MOH will sell great for a couple of weeks and then it will be history as will ANY game that goes against COD this November. If MOH is any good then maybe people may go back in the new year but as it stands right now, the 20+ million gamers that supported CoD MW2 will be chomping at the bit to play what most are hoping will be an improved COD experience. I have to say, Black ops is looking really sharp at the moment and the hype machine hasn't even started yet.

Check out this pop-up trailer breakdown...WOW!!!

TEFL0N_D0N_812948d ago

Shouldn't the EA exec say that MoH will out do CoD regardless of it does or not? That's just stupid marketing. Saying it'll get dangerously close is not enough confidence in your product.

vsr2948d ago

I can't think a call of duty without infinityward

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Jamegohanssj52948d ago

Pong can out do any CoD game.


Beahmscream2948d ago

Looks to me like MoH has even less recoil than CoD though. Could be wrong.


in the beta the gus had almost zero recoil, sniper, ak, they all felt the same.

fuckitimout2948d ago

seems unlikely. When mw3 comes it will be the best evar. Black ops is going to shut moh down. May even bankrupt them

DARK WITNESS2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

I have not been following what they have been doing with this since the beta, but if there is little change from what I played in the beta, sorry but as much as I hate activision and all that... I would rather get black ops.

what makes it less nooby now ?

I was really hoping this game would out do MW/cod but after the beta I completely lost interest in it. Maybe the single player will, but the MP, you got to be joking.

frostyhat1232948d ago

It's going to fight with Reach, for my playing time.

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Longrod_Von_Hugendon2948d ago ShowReplies(1)
kunit22c2948d ago

and how the chain continues... LOLZZZ

Hairy Chewie2948d ago

^^^nothing to contribute. XD

xYLeinen2948d ago

I think I speak for everyone when I say that we are in the mindset where that is almost impossible. I would bow down before EA if they get even close to that.

Don't get me wrong. I personally hope MoH will do very well but getting close to Black Ops, that's one of the boldest statements I've heard for a while.

Anorexorcist2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

If you speak of sales, then yes I agree with you. The CoD property is so popular that I hear some of my older fellow coworkers, whom are old-school enough to were I would assume they would decry videogames (It turns your brains to mush sonny!), but they even talk of playing CoD online.

With regard to quality, it is not such a great hill to climb. Medal of Honor can easily take that hill.

-Alpha2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

I disagree. CoD has always been based on the quality gameplay that has been adored since CoD4. The only issue is the annual milking.

COD has gotten way too much hate around here. I understand that MW2 was terribly executed but MoH is honestly a shooter that doesn't seem to do anything different. The modes are borrowed from BC2, the gameplay looks terrible, etc. I know people will ask what BO has done but I think Treyarch have more in their product currently than DICE does in MoH

I adore CoD's gameplay. #4's was great and admittedly MW2 took it downhill.

But I see BO as a return to roots.

A lot of the BS has been cut out and there is a lot more quality IMO in BO than in MoH.

So far I love the idea of split-screen online and Zombies. Also, CoD has always had a better variety of modes and the better gameplay IMO. If I want a game that controls like BF I would play BF. As a result, this makes the quality go to BO.

Also, I'm sorry, but the beta of MoH was awful. Everything from the points popping up on screen to the borrowed bobbing-head motion and slow movement felt like a cheap knock off. I like the movement in Battlefield, but not in MoH. It's like the game is suffering from an identity crisis or trying to infuse two different styles into one and IMO it's not working.

I just see MoH as BF gameplay in a COD type environment and I'm not liking it so far. I am very disappointed that DICE dropped support for BC2 (new maps, networking, etc). and I have little faith in MoH

Jinxstar2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )


Your once again confusing an annual game release with milking. It's not the time frame that goes with the games it's the Night vision goggles, Remote control cars, The limited, collectors, ultimate collectors console bundles, the way overpriced DLC, the action figures, comic books, real books, spin offs, lunch boxes, shirts, bags, hats, and every other thing that goes into it. THAT is milking. Not an annual release of a game with plenty of content for people who want more of the same but are getting tired of the same old... If that makes sense... A game like Modern Warfare 2 I feel was a very complete package. The SP could have had a better story but was an Awesome B movie romp, The Co-Op was fantastic and the Online was a little unbalanced but a lot of fun... If that can be sustained year on year then it's totally worth a 60$ price tag. Milking would be pay to play...

Dropped support for BC2? WTH are you talking about . The vietnam map pack is due out soon...

The only thing I am looking forward to is a environment where it forces fewer people to be Recon. It's very annoying in BC2 always getting put in a squad with 3 recon guys. It happens all the time... Makes the game kinda dull imo... Also boards that don't move all the time... Thats all I really want otherwise the game plays amazing imo...

Also judging a game off of it's beta is just about the most ignorant thing a gamer can do. Just saying.


i just can't believe this is being talked about, did some of you guys really enjoy MOH that much.

I could spend all day bashing MW2 because there is a lot, and I mean a Lot I hate about it.. but as much as I hate it, the MOH beta that I played was one of the worst rip offs I would think of.

it was not better then the MW2 and it was not better then BC2 either.

Maybe a lots changed since the beta..

-Alpha2948d ago

I actually don't think the game is "milked", I only said that because that's the consensus issue people seem to have. To me it's an issue of doing a sloppy job, I agree MW2 is a complete package, but I felt it was rushed and it rode on CoD4.

Yes, dropped support. DICE failed to give any new maps, that's what I wanted most. EA really lied to us about "Free maps", it really annoyed me.

I liked BC2 but I don't like MoH and I feel that DICE shouldn't be doing it.

Jinxstar2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Ok I can understand where your coming from Alpha. Game on bro.

I'm optimistic for MOH and really want to hear what reviewers have to say but I'm not gonna hold my breath. I feel like I can go back to BC2 anytime and enjoy the game. If they fixed many of the issues with the beta(Kind of the point of a beta) and took the feedback into consideration then I feel it may be worth it... Dice are pretty good dev's overall judging off past experience.

I see your point about support. They may have lied but meh. I got the game at a deal so I don't feel too bad. I could see where you feel burned though. I just want a good shooter and refuse to support activision anymore with any of their products.

mastiffchild2948d ago

Everyone seems to have a downer on MoH but I've been really impressed by it lately. I DO feel that the COD4 template has been milked mercilessly by Activision myself and the annual releases is a big part of that but as long as they sell they will get made. Really, what's changed since COD4? The campaigns of WaW and MW2 were weak, Acti got IW and Treyarch to cut every possible corner leading to far too many launch problems, hiked prices here and there and get away with selling the same game, with BO, four years running with only cosmetic changes. The fact we still play it P2P(as the universes biggest online shooter)and they even took away dedicateds on the PC was the final straw for me and what felt fresh in COD4 has gone way too far by MW2 and it seems the biggest changes in BO will, yet again, be uniforms and killstreak awards.

See, from what I've seen the SP of MoH looks much more interesting and varied than BO does(which looks good but looks like more COD with few deviations-hell bringing back the zombies reeks of a lack of ideas. MoH does seem like it's at least trying a few things and as for the beta? Isn't that where errors and imbalances and things gamers don't enjoy get weeded out? That's what I thought anyway. Does anyone recall the KZ2 beta? I do-it was about the smoothest and best run one I've been in and yet when the game released all those COD players who hadn't been in it moaned and moaned cos it WASN'T COD basically-they didn't want to learn a different feeling control set up so I contend that there's a lot of us who just want the same thing over and over but I don't understand why that means a need to buy a new one every year-I enjoy playing MW1 a lot more than WaW or MW2 and would much rather they'd just supported that a lot more and given more time to making the next iteration just as groundbreaking. I'#m the minority, though, I guess.

Anyway, I'm not saying MoH will be amazing and I don't think it has a hope in hell of getting near COD BO sales wise in any way at all but most of the press I've read lately suggests they worked VERY hard post beta to make the changes suggested by the participants-they seem to have listened and for that, at least, MoH deserves a good look from my PoV. The campaign appears to be pretty different in it's approach to the shooty, shooty with more small scale skirmishing and if that can be carried over(maybe bigger, but still tight, maps in multiplayer?)to the MP maybe it will surprise one or two when it drops and I'm giving it a go and sticking with an older, more pure COD to do so rather than putting more money in the franchise merry go round this time out.

It just seems that some shooters can't win:if you're too different your game is "broken" because the COD players K/D ratios aren't as good from the off OR it's too similar(though COD itself NEVER moving on and asking we buy the same basic game every year is apparently fine)and a "rip off" in what's already a pretty narrow genre anyway. I hope it fails or succeeds because of it's own quality and not some bogus set of perceptions that some shooter fans have these days.

Finally, I didn't think BC2 was all it was made out to be either despite the jury being split between love and "meh" reactions but it had some good points and if MoH has some of those without the chaff and manages to have it's own pace(which is what distinguishes between shooters best imo)I feel there's plenty of it's own in there to be a good game and that's all I'm after: a good game that's a bit different to COD in a way that isn't skins and killstreaks and doesn't mean I pay Kotick more cash!

vickers5002948d ago

"and yet when the game released all those COD players who hadn't been in it moaned and moaned cos it WASN'T COD basically-they didn't want to learn a different feeling control set up"

All? No. Maybe some, but not all. I would have been perfectly content if Killzone 2 had the feel of any of the decent shooters this gen (battlefield, bioshock, resistance, fear, far cry 2, unreal tournament 3, hell, pretty much any other shooter). But instead, the game had pad lag and dead zones, which many people denied and rationalized to themselves as "weight".

"with BO, four years running with only cosmetic changes."

And what exactly is Killzone 3 bringing in terms of changes? ZOMG JETPAXXX!!11one Killzone 3 is just Killzone 2 with jetpacks, a mech suit, a FEW new weapons (most of the weapons shown so far are just the exact same weapons with attachments, which have finally been added), new maps, 3d and move support (almost nobody has a 3dtv, and to be honest, people who were interested in using the move controller for KZ3 will just go straight back to the DS3 after a couple of hours of playtime of getting owned using the move controller).

See, it doesn't matter to me that Killzone 3 isn't adding anything new, it's still fun, and I'm still buying it, just as it is the case with Black Ops. New guns and new maps make shooters feel different enough to me that I'm not feeling like I'm playing the same crap over and over again.

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princejb1342948d ago

sales is all word to mouth
if your friends says is good, youll most likely buy it if he also says is good
his friends will buy it
how u think call of duty and gears and halo
its not really advertisement

anyone would trust a friend more than a company who tells you to buy it

JeffGUNZ2948d ago

One of the smartest comments I have seen in a while. People always say "yeah, it's got the most SALES, but not quality" Give me a break. Sales indicate the popularity of a game. If the game is popular, it will sell more. You never see games like Avatar selling Halo like numbers because it's garbage.

ZombieNinjaPanda2948d ago

I wish this would be true. But sadly because of the Call of Duty name this will never happen.

Odin7772948d ago

I agree with you. But I'm surprised people aren't tired of Call of Duty yet...There are some people on my friend's list who have only played MW2 since it's launch, and before that it was MW or WaW. I thought it was enjoyable but jesus I would've trashed my PS3 out of anger if that's all I played.

JeffGUNZ2948d ago

Some people get emersed into the online multiplayer. The game is awesome. Yeah, MW2 is completely unbalance and I have thrown things in anger on occassion, but overall, it's addicting. As long as the companies keep spicing things up, this game will sell for years and years.

Neckbear2948d ago

...There's a small chance it could do so.

But I doubt it, really.

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