Crytek CEO explains company's 'non-game' businesses

E4G: Crytek is well known for making money in the non-gaming business department, but the expansion of the developer employing six new game studios with CryEngine 3 licensing helping make some money.

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dkblackhawk502971d ago

I just like the fact that they own non-gaming businesses, it shows that any company can expand along the lines of the industry.

mmoracerules2971d ago

*diversity* but I agree it is a good idea and like everyone can help the game bussiness for them. Basically like apple, they sell ipods etc, 10 bucks says it helps the macs develope in the long run.

shepowy2971d ago

Nice way of making money on the side i guess, if this leads to more money available for Crytek to develop their games then all shall be well, better Crytek games for all :)

matrix2012971d ago

Making money on the side will help benefit the company in the long run, with the ability to invest more into the gaming side. Nice going Crytek ;)

dkblackhawk502971d ago

Better games, impressed fans, what more would a company ask for?

Chefooba2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Well, I've definately heard of games companies working with the military before. They often produce training sims or whatever. Heck, I even saw a video where a solider was controlling a UAV with an Xbox controller!

CovertGunman2971d ago

Sounds like they understand economics and the study of scarcity. :)