Nintendo announces new game: Wii Chess

Get excited people, Nintendo not one to be short on thrills has used the Games Convention now on in Leipzig to announce for now one new game and it's a doozy!

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iHeretic5213d ago

WTF is the point with Chess on console? Play it in real life if you so badly need Chess.

Capt CHAOS5213d ago

Good move I think, we need some games of this ilk on consoles. With Chess, It'd love to have a number of online chess games on the go at the same time (non realtime).

Yes, A bit geeky and fairly said, even I'll admit that. :-}

hella whip5213d ago

If it was on a console you could play friends over the internet. I think Sony are providing a free chess game in Home aswell so I can't complain when its free, wouldn't pay for a chess game though unless it was super cheap like £1.

BrotherNick5212d ago (Edited 5212d ago )

Why do you need good stories in your games, why don't you read a book. Why do you need violence in every single game, go to war.

midgard2295213d ago

i wanna hear real games coming out for the system, not crap like wario ware, chess, wii-play, wii-fit, mario party. these are all mini games, nothing for the hardcore

and dont bring that crap that its why nintendo brings more money, u guys shud be craving more zelda and good games too, stop caring if nintendo makes money and not good games. goodness they changed so much from their glory on the Nes and SNES

Rute5213d ago

I don't see any harm in minigames because it's not like people are forced to buy them or the Wii. However, Chess is not a minigame. It is probably the most tactical, hardest to master strategy game ever made. Here's one site that offers 700 pages of chess tactics:

Rooftrellen5212d ago

"goodness they changed so much from their glory on the Nes and SNES "

I don't rememeber the name, but there was a chess-like game for the NES, but you had to fight when one piece tried to take another, so the piece you're trying to take could end up taking you, so it wasn't real chess, but it was along the same lines, and there may have been a real chess game, but I never had it.

Chessmaster for the SNES was one of my favorite games.

Now chess for the Wii...that's so terribly different from chess on the NES and SNES.

BrotherNick5212d ago

Most people who play the new systems nowadays are too graphic oriented to be able to play chess unless there are multiple chess sets, actual battles between the pieces with blood splatters, and high polygon counts.

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KeiZka5213d ago

Are we forgetting again "The Holy Trinity"? SSBB, SMG and MP3 are on their way.

midgard2295212d ago

to rute:
well no nothins wrong with minigames, but thats all they announce are minigames and games that are 50$ that u will play for 2 hours. and to KeiZka, mari, smash bros and metroid wont hold ou for eternity. its the same old line up that was for GC, mario sunshine, metroid 1 and 2. smash bros and zelda. o and tales of symphonia. and im speaking exclusives, not timed exclusive like RE4.

just sayin, instead of makin so many mini games why not focus on a new franchise??? sorry but personally im sick of samus, link and especially mario. just my opinion tho

5212d ago
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