PSX Extreme: Blade Kitten Review

PSX Extreme writes: "Cats are cute. Kit Ballard is cute. The chick she’s chasing is cute. Kit’s playful banter is cute. The presentation is, on the whole…cute. Unfortunately, there’s nothing cute about the repetitive and seriously flawed gameplay, which means this little pink kitty outstays her welcome pretty fast. The various forms of cuteness will keep you playing longer than you normally would when faced with a partly broken game, but that’s about it. Blade Kitten is the game with a great name and an absurdly appealing anime premise that combines relatively straightforward platforming and combat with a silly storyline and a few small, albeit relatively fun, twists. The biggest problem centers on the constant, ceaseless repetition and controls that just aren’t reliable enough. No game, regardless of presentation and charm, can survive very long when bogged down by a core mechanic that simply doesn’t work very well".

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