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Patrick Gann writes "Looking ahead, Atelier Totori is already out in Japan. it is the second "Alchemist of Arland" title, it's another PS3 exclusive, and in it, you play as Rorona's apprentice. Now Rorona is a master alchemist, and the new girl, Totori, will learn from her! The strange blend of old Atelier style and new Atelier gameplay concepts works fairly well, but where will it go in the next game? I'm cautiously optimistic. If nothing else, Atelier Rorona is a unique departure/arrival point for the series' future. If you have a PS3, I'd recommend that you give it the old college try. See if you, too, can make it through all three years!"

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TheColbertinator3960d ago

Turned out better than I expected

golsilva3960d ago

great score for a niche jrpg. honestly if this game gets at least a 70 to 75 metacritic score its a success since jrpgs especially niche titles usually target specific targets and dont usually review that well.

Neckbear3960d ago

Indeed, they don't. Wich is why you barely listen to reviews on these kind of games.

Even so, it's been getting a fairly positive reception, so I'm guessing this is pretty good.

Apotheosize3960d ago

Awesome, was really looking forward to it. If this game does well here, we can get the sequel which is already out in Japan. The artstyle looks amazing, probably the main reason I'm buying, heres some of the artists work:

Stealth20k3960d ago

Next we need to get totori here next year

Neckbear3960d ago

Indeed. And hopefully Rorona does well enough to make that happen.

Redempteur3960d ago

give me tonelico 3 before that PLEASE

Pretty please ?

Neckbear3960d ago

But it already got announced, silly.

You'll have it in your hands the next year.

Redempteur3960d ago

exactly .. after rorona , some zetai hero stuff , tonelico and then (maybe ) totori ...i'm pretty sure it depends on how well rorona sells

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