Unofficial times for Microsoft, Sony and Ninetendo Conferences

The official times at which at which the big three will be making their press conferences at the ongoing event in Germany.

5:30PM -- Tokyo
8:30AM -- UTC/GMT
4:30AM -- Eastern
3:30AM -- Central
2:30AM -- Mountain
1:30AM -- Pacific

12:00AM -- Tokyo
3:00PM -- UTC/GMT
11:00AM -- Eastern
10:00AM -- Central
9:00AM -- Mountain
8:00AM -- Pacific

1:00AM -- Tokyo
4:00PM -- UTC/GMT
12:00PM -- Eastern
11:00AM -- Central
10:00AM -- Mountain
9:00AM -- Pacific

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Juevani4075d ago

the show havent started yet dude.. haha, where u get ur info from?? a forum member??

Agriel4075d ago

today is the opening day

Mu5afir4075d ago

Today is the first day of the conferences.

gaffyh4075d ago

yeah is anyone hosting live feeds for this???

Agriel4075d ago

no they had a "show" where they talked about how great they are doing and...well thats about it

Real gamer 4 life4075d ago

what channel can we see these show

Mr Murda4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

All I know is that it doesn't matter what time of day it is, I'm always down with German booth babes!

@ Razzy

Thanks for ruining a good thing. LOL

Razzy4075d ago

Ohh ohh I found a pic of a German booth babe!!

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