Is Bioshock really all that?

Thank god for game demos. The game Nick Renqvist is about to talk (or more or less rant) about has recently got amazing reviews, and everyone loves it. Except Nick Renqvist.Nick Renqvist disliked it and just thought to throw in his 2 cents, though only based on the demo of it.

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InMyOpinion4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

Maybe he should stick to clocking graphics cards. Gaming does'nt seem to be his thing. It would be nice to see what games he actually likes.

closedxxx4077d ago

Anyhow. The demo didn't blow me away either, but you kinda have to be an idiot to think that a "The demo must, or at least should, present the best parts of the game"
That would probably end up being a spoiler of a demo if every game did that.
All the Bioshock demo did was pique my interest, and make me curious to at least rent it to find out what is really going on.
It looks great, it controls great, the demo has some enemys with some great AI, and I thought it gave a good general slice of what the game has to offer, right down to the few things you can hack.
If the opening scene didn't impress him graphically, he is definitely jaded

ericnellie4077d ago

One guy, one demo, and one silly a$$ opinion/review but hey, you can't please everybody;)

heroman7114077d ago

im gonna not agree with this guy. from what ive been hearing bioshock is amazing !

Captain Tuttle4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

Makes me want to punch him in the face. He's just trying to be the "anti -hype" cool guy.

I'm loving Bioshock and am having more fun with it than any game in recent memory. That being said, all the 10/10 scores that this game has gotten are a bit's not without it's flaws.

Edit: I will say that this game deserves scores in the high 9's. It is superb.

kurac4077d ago

Why? What's wrong with his picture? He's a good looking guy.

Maybe MS payed big money for great Bioshock reviews and bad Lair and Warhawk reviews. I'm downloading a demo so I'll see for myself.

ShiftyLookingCow4077d ago

there is so much production value and thought that goes into this game and the fact that it is a new ip and such a huge gamble. This game deserves the perfect 10 scores it got. Hopefully it will encourage game devs to make new games instead of the same old junk. No game is PERFECT of course.

Captain Tuttle4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

Didn't have my coffee yet.

kurac4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

there is a discussion about his rant:

Edit: @darx
It's just my gay response to all those "female tits and a$$es" avatars. Maybe I should refresh it a bit, I'll try finding something that is more in line with PS360ROCKS avatar. A gay version, 'fcourse.

PS360PCROCKS4077d ago

yes darx it's distracting trying to read something with the annoying avatar. I see myself in the mirror everyday that's the only guy I need to see.

kurac4077d ago


Funny you saying that cause I find your avatar the most disgusting here at N4G, of all the other disturbing female avatars!

PS360PCROCKS4077d ago

Lol hey now if two women want to lay on top of each other and take a picture so be it! Guys on the other hand, um just no haha. I was only kidding anyways, I was just saying that I see that everyday in the mirror don't need to see it on here, lol.

InMyOpinion4077d ago

I think it's funny. Tease the homophobic bastards. Their immature avatars only represent the lack of sex they are experiencing =) Hard to get any when you live with your parents. If they knew what you nickname means they would probably run for their lives. It beats me.

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nomuken4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

Good Times

N4GayFanturds4077d ago

Well (if it does come to PS3)you'll be about 2 years older and it'll prob be choppy & sluggish.

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