From Cans Two PlayStation 3 Titles?

Japanese now backing away from low-release PS3 launch?

It seems somewhat baffling that the media is making up problems for the PlayStation 3 when it has some very real, very worrying ones of its own. According to breaking news from Japan, two major RPG projects have been canned by From Software, both slated for the new Sony machine.

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Boink5390d ago

lol @ sony, looks like the next neo geo is off to a great start!

highps35390d ago

unconfirmed reports on two unnamed games.. okay.

pRo loGic II5390d ago

Can you pre order PS3 yet? cuz if it comes with girls such as the pic above, im sold!...

LAWMAN5390d ago

What popular games has From developed before? And are the games that supposedly been pulled from the PS3 lineup now a 360 exclusive? This article is yellow journalism at its best.

mephixto5390d ago

Who cares about the article and all that PS3 bashing I only want the girl in the picture yeahh

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The story is too old to be commented.