First Kinect TV Ads Revealed

A total of 3 Kinect TV ads were just unveiled. One for the Wii Sports inspired Kinect Sports from RARE, another for the Mario Kart inspired Joy Ride and last but not least the Nintendogs inspired Kinectimals. Not much gameplay shown but the concept is nice. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Click the 'Read More' link for all 3 videos.

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Natsu X FairyTail3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

man all those Motion control Ads look alike. lmao

notice aswell how they focus more on showing the people having fun than the actual games.

I gues it's all marketing.

N4GAddict3195d ago

I can't tell them apart.

Genesis53195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Is there a reason why they only show 2 seconds of the game from 20 feet away? Hard to tell what you're supposed to be buying.

Game-ur3195d ago

"notice as well how they focus more on showing the people PRETENDING to have fun than the actual games"


8-bit3195d ago

These ads are the smoke and mirrors that MS plan to use this holiday season. They plan to sell kinect based off the idea behind it. The consumer doesn't know that the tech doesn't work the way they imagine it would. The games rely on simple gestures and not 1:1 tracking. The lack of gameplay in the videos was their intent because it seems like every time they show gameplay it ends up as a fail video on YouTube.

Shadow Flare3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Honestly, I thought the first advert was very good. They made it very well. The second advert was horrific. It looked like a video that was still buffering, the way the camera was jerking about, and the people looked like fools flailing their arms about, and the third advert was good, though most people watching it might be thinking "what the hell are those kids doing".

Overall, they're ok actually, but like natsu said.....where were the games?

Im really keen to hear myself from people I know who might buy this what they think of it. If they actually like it or if they thinks it's garbage

Sheikh Yerbouti3195d ago

I noticed the same thing. It wasn't showing off the games at all, rather than the 'you are the controller', which may or may not be enough to sell Kinect.

Bigpappy3195d ago

Looks like Kinect is already has some demos setup at Bestbuys and WalMarts. Can say I didn't warn yah.

Imperator3195d ago

Teasing? No, it's called trying to fool the uninformed customer. If they showed gameplay of all those horrific launch titles, no one would buy it.

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Montoya3195d ago

I still can`t believe MS is actually going through w/ releasing this thing. I`m telling you it`ll start strong w/ sales from marketing, but die fast from disappointment. Button-less gaming can only be taken so far, even for kids games.

WoshJills3195d ago

I think it will have the exact opposite effect. It wont attract too many Xbox owners because there are no hardcore games for it, and the $150 or $300 price tag will steer casual gamers away, but after more games come out like Dance Central, Haunt, Steel Battalion, Codename D, Project Draco, gamers will start to buy it. Especially if Microsoft drops the price of it because demand decreases.

Microsoft is a multi-billion dollar company, they're smart enough to know the rules of supply, demand, and point of sale fatigue.

number473195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

The consumers..

Here are but a few examples (and there are dozens more):


Years ago in the pre-Internet era, AOL was the talk of the town, so Microsoft had to copy it with MSN. No money was made; no strategic advantage was gained.

Netscape was the rage for a while, so Microsoft threw together a browser and got in that business. The browser was given away for free. No money was made; the strategy got the company in trouble with government trustbusters.

During the early days of the Internet, new online publications appeared. Microsoft decided to become a publisher too, rolling out a slew of online properties including a computer magazine and a women's magazine. They were all folded.

Computer books became popular; Microsoft began Microsoft Press. After an early splash and success, the company soon lost interest and the division now languishes.

Teddy Ruxpin became a hot toy. Microsoft rolled out a couple of robotic plush toys, including the creepy Barney the Dinosaur who sang "I love you and you love me." The company soon lost interest and dropped the whole thing.

AOL-TV appeared, along with other device-centric TV-delivery mechanisms in the 1990s. Microsoft created a Microsoft-TV division as well as a device. It soon lost interest.

Adobe Photoshop became a huge success, so Microsoft hired Alvy Ray Smith to develop photo-editing software. Smith quit when the company lost interest in the idea.

Yahoo and Google showed that a search engine could be a money maker, so Microsoft copied that idea; it now has Bing.

Cloud applications are currently trendy, along with notions about software as a service. Microsoft decides to go into that business.

The Apple rolled out a MP3 player, the iPod. Microsoft came up with its own MP3 player, the Zune. The company also says it wants to stream music.

Kinect is just yet another expensive delay for microsoft. Everyone here knows it doesn't work as advertised & has no games behind it, offers nothing in the meantime as well.. Just a gameless broken device that a webcam could best. Sad to think how well its going to sell to the people that voted for Bush.


Pandemic3195d ago

I wonder how you make babies on Kinectimals........ :]

cyber_crysis3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Jajaja. Kinect has the Pedobear seal of approval!

cyber_crysis3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

the max speed 21 = Natsu X FairyTail dupe account( look for the pic of anime in avatar)

You are making it too easy son :P

Vip3r3195d ago

Only because all the gameplay will be the same.

Flapping around like a headless chicken is pretty much all the can be expected from it.

Jaces3195d ago

Think I puked a little in my mouth, ugh.

Bzone243194d ago

You should stop looking at yourself in the mirror.

Oldsnake0073195d ago

there is a reason why they don't show the games. Because they all suck.You see nothing from the game, just some idiots waving their arm in the air.

testerg353195d ago

Weird, I have Move/Sports Champions and it seems that you flail your arms too. Or does it just look cooler to you because you have a orb thing in your hand?

DNAbro3195d ago


wierd i just saw move being demoed yesterday at a sam's club. no waggle at all.

Imperator3195d ago

LMAO, this commercials are actually painful to watch. Ugh... I know MS is normally good at adds, but imo these are just horrible. Especially compared to Sony's brilliant PS3/Move adds.

Christopher3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

@Natsu: It is all marketing, no proof. But, that's what Microsoft does. Remember the Vista reboot with actor-led 'customer study' commercials? But, this is why Microsoft will win big this Holiday season. They have the money and the set up to get people interested and not thinking about the long term elements of the package. People are going to spend the $400 for a 360 and a Kinect and Microsoft is going to claim dominance even though in the long run their attach rate will decline as these new buyers won't be into $50-60 games and will, in the long run, stop using the devices much like those who bought the Wii.

I can't wait to see their quarterly report, though. I'm expecting to see a huge loss in revenue because of how much they are spending on these ads and the Mall demo panels. And that's just in the U.S.

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Pandemic3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

The Kinectimals ad looks a bit disturbing......

xer03195d ago

... is it just more or did those guys look stupid standing up while waving their arms?

If I had to play GT5 or Forza like that - I'd feel retarded.

Imperator3195d ago

Joyride is an onrails games right? How the heck is that supposed to be fun if you're over the age of 10? LMAO.

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Pandemic3195d ago

To much focus on the people rather than the gameplay itself.....

mrv3213195d ago

I bet there's some clause saying if you show x amount of a game with x amount of time with people you have to say in small print somewhere

'These people aren't actually playing the game'

jack_burt0n3195d ago

"not actual gameplay"

that was very funny, seeing as MS got sued in the uk for final fantasy you might actually have a point.

Newtype3195d ago

This is false advertising...

SexyPrawns3195d ago

I agree...

...but prove it.