GC 07: Exclusive Spore trailer

Check it out:


A second video has been added:

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Vojkan4076d ago

First of all there is one more video on same site, you should have post both togheter but you are most likely saving that for another "news" just os that you can post one more uneeded article to gain more point.

Salvadore4076d ago

No planning to, but I can add it to this news.

Vojkan4076d ago

SPORE looks cool but i dont understand why it is so childish looking? I mean colors are like in VIVA Pinata, and why are we only able to create "monster looking creatures"? I know this is not seems but we should be able to create something that looks close to humans, after all isn't it stupid that some freak with 6 legs and 4 arms, 4 eyes drives UFO`?

Vojkan4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

BTW- sad that it only for PCs or is it?

GoLeafsGo4076d ago

It feels like this thing has been in development forever >_<!