Heavenly Sword: EU Retail Release Dates confirmed

Threespeech have confirmed that Heavenly Sword will be released on the 14th September in the UK and the 19th for the rest of the EU.

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mighty_douche5214d ago

woo, thats gonna be a good birthday for me!

TehRadge5214d ago

Nice one, can't wait to play HS

Rims5214d ago

At least we get it first.

rukusa5214d ago

F*ck you dude :(.

Btw, I have to add you to my PSN buddy list ;).

Morratut5214d ago

Excellent news.

Too many games are coming out dammit. I'll probably wait to pick it up. My Sept game budget is for Halo 3. Mmm then again I guess that could be Octobers budget :D