Call Of Duty: Black Ops Achievements

A list of the achievements of the upcoming fps call of duty black ops.

PRHB HYBRiiD5042d ago

They seem kind of easy to do.... basically finish the whole game in veteran and replay some missions to get the extra achievements.

ReservoirDog3165042d ago

Like all CoD games.

Would you rather online achievements?

PRHB HYBRiiD5042d ago

mmm online achievements.....no lol


Just like WaW did. WaW's achievements only said that because the campaign had 4 player co-op. Does this mean there IS campaign co-op, even though Treyarch repeatedly said there was NOT campaign co-op?

Hopefully, they announce campaign co-op AND nazi Zombies. I will be highly disappointed if campaign co-op is Treyarch's big co-op mode that they've been teasing. I want Zombies! I know there's all these little hints towards zombies, like the strategy guide leak, but that could just be referencing the 4 original WaW maps that are included in the Hardened edition. I want new Zombie maps and possibly some tweaks to the Zombie mode.

The_Count5041d ago

Nice little Metal Gear reference in their for the achievement Big Boss.

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Mit5042d ago

As long as the SP on veteran isn't a fucking grenade fest, I'd gladly try to 1000g it.

OdinX5042d ago

Ugh, W@W's veteran might be the most difficult cod I've seen; indeed, grenades perfectly landing near you every 3 seconds.

plenty a tool5041d ago

grenade fest and crackshot respawning enemies made want to destroy the disc. try harder treyarch

FURY__UNLEASHED5041d ago (Edited 5041d ago )

I got all the achievements for WaW on PS3 and 360, and it was a bitch! The ridiculous grenades and INSTANT enemy respawns were sooo lame! I ended up just throwing smoke grenades and sprinting until I hit a check point. teryarch didn't make it hard, they made it absurdly cheap. Just stupid.

Just for the hell of it, my friend and I played the hardest level on Veteran (Heart of the Reich). It took us 4 hours. and between the two of us, we had more than 500 downs! So hard!

If you don't believe that I have all the achievements for WaW on both platforms, these are my user names:

XBL Gamertag: qBLITZp

I even got the 0 gamerscore achievement for hitting 10th prestige.

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xAlmostPro5041d ago

one of them is to get 5 no-scopes xD

ps3alldayeveryday5042d ago

looks good, im guessing it incomplete cuz I dont see any Co-Op or Competitive Trophies/Achievements...

vickers5005042d ago

Someone is a fan of MGS.

"Big Boss (30 points): Complete all 3 stealth missions without being seen."

TrevorPhillips5042d ago

It's smart what they did. They've got achievements for offline and challenges which are sub achievements for online.