New Assassin's Creed Screenshots

Some great new screenshots form the up and coming Assassin's Creed.

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mighty_douche4076d ago

by 'new' i think it ment, well old, nothing new there, think this games boat has sailed, i guess its got a month before all the other big titles knock it off the top spot!

ALI-G4076d ago

is this game new IP to go with PRINCE OF PERCIA or this IP to replace PoP(ONE OF MY FAVOURITE GAMES EVER).

RadientFlux4076d ago

while the hype has died down, I am still looking forward to playing Assassin's Creed espically since Ubisoft Montreal is developing the game

Saint Sony4075d ago

A must have title for both 360 and PS3 players.


Despite the negative bubble that seems to be around this game now
I still like this game, and hope it delivers a great experience.

JoocanDOIT ubisoft, C'MOOOONN gett uppp