Ridge Racer 6 is now $19.99!

The most popular launch game for Japanese gamers (and close to the bottom here in the U.S.) is now available for $19.99 at several on-line retailers.

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WaCkY_MuNkY5391d ago

It is such a horrible game even for 19.99 i stil wouldn't buy it.

shotty5391d ago

I hope microsoft announces the Platinum Hits for the xbox 360. If they do, it's over come this chrismas for sony. Come on 4 platinum xbox 360 games for the price of 1 ps3 game.

Schmitty075391d ago

Now I can buy crap for $20! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

TheMART5391d ago

So the next one of Riddggeee Racceerrrr will be on PS3. Let them have it pleeeaassseeeee no more RR on xbox. Worst game ever