GC 2007: FIFA 08 Running at 60FPS on PS3

1up: "FIFA 08 was one of the three on-stage demonstrations during the Electronic Arts press conference at Games Convention 2007 this morning, and EA Canada Producer Joe Booth made sure to underscore an important point about this year's version: the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions are both running at 60 frames per second."

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Satanas4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

if they can step up their game as they are apparently doing with Fifa then consumers shouldn't have to complain as much. (Unless the game contains bugs or something.)

Anyway, great to see they are upping the PS3 version's framerate. It's good to know it'll run better than Madden.

According to 1up a gameplay vid should be up soon too for anyone interested.

ALI-G4077d ago

i guesss the xbox version run @90fps

MK_Red4077d ago

Awesome find and news. Stupid EA is finally learning something.

Satanas4077d ago

Yeah I got lucky. I decided to see if 1up had any GC news already, and this was literally just posted.

rev204077d ago

they could get away with it on madden.

But football is the most popular sport in the world no doubt so an inferior version in this sport would of hit hard especially with Pes 7 around the corner aswell

nix4077d ago

you took the words off my mouth.

totally agree with you! if they don't do a good job Konami is there to take their share!

Anything but Cute4077d ago

Maybe it's ironic, but I'm a huge fan of international soccer, and I was planning to buy this game, I have FIFA 06 and 07. I like FIFA way better than Madden.

And then the frame rate thing hit me since it is EA. I was thinking I might have to try Winning Eleven. But this is great to hear.

hella whip4077d ago

They probably realised they had to make sure their version was good because unlike Madden EA have decent competition in the football/soccer genre.

Anything but Cute4077d ago

you just made a great point. I had figured that out before also, but I had forgot. That pretty much hits the nail on the head if you ask me.

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The story is too old to be commented.