Why buy an Xbox 360 Elite?

Apart from the lovely black finish (which does look much better in the fles... erm, plastic), the Elite system comes with a handful of improvements over the vanilla premium package, the most notable of which is the addition of a 120GB hard drive

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sjappie4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

He advizes to buy a premium now, and later buy the 120 gb to go with it, wich is gonna cost more then an elite. Idiot.

ENNO4167d ago

Buy an out dated HDMI and super expensive HDD just because it has M$ written on so glad the PS3 has a removable 2.5" sata HDD!!

ALI-G4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

here we are talking about GAMING FIRST(needs games) not dvd and storge.

Ri0tSquad4167d ago

Glad sony went the way they did with hard drives. IMO xbox 360 elite was too late and I don't have plans on buying one.

Salvadore4167d ago

Isn't it possible to open the HDD and exchange the Haddrive?

SacT0wnF1n3st4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

It is not impossible but I saw a video on youtube and it is sure a lot harder to change the HDD for the 360 than for the PS3.

This is a vid showing how to open the HDD for the 360:

dale14167d ago

yes why,its not even got hd player built into last gennnnnnnn different case,yes it has add ons but that spoils the whole idea of a next gen console and cost more than a ps3

Ignorant Fanboy4167d ago

You are begging for scraps now.

Everyone knows the PS3 is expensive.

Marona4167d ago

I'm buying an Elite this weekend!.... I think it's worth it, although still not sure if I should get to get a PS3 60GB or a 360 Elite since the 60GB's almost running out with the EE's :/

WilliamRLBaker4167d ago

I purchased the elite cause i was able to get it for 311 dollars...and i won an ps3...I'd personally go with the elite, since its pretty much an gurantee an 40 gig 300 dollar ps3 will show up soon.

HungPHAT4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

NA I just bought the new XBOX 360 premium with HDMI it has the following Ben Q DVD drive , HDMI, new heat shrink shield over the chip set. It runs way quieter and cooler than my Launch date console , you can barely here it when a disk is running and silent when idling LOVE it much better than the Elite , All I did was put on my 120 HDD on and I am good to go ,updated Pic's of my Game Room

Tempo4167d ago

nice setup man ...respect

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