Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is all the Dead Rising I need…

Sarcastic Gamer ponders the question: Is Case Zero all the Dead Rising 2 you need?

From the article: "I like, but don’t love the Dead Rising series. I’ll explain below, but I did get my hands on Dead Rising: Case Zero at E3 and bought it on Xbox Live when it debuted. After playing around with it and playing almost all the way through twice, but only getting an ending for the game once, I’m all Dead Rising-ing’ed, out.

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jc485732947d ago

Man, you've just defined what Dead Rising is all about. You can't do everything in one playthrough, which we all "now" understand since the first Dead Rising game. It took you long enough to realize lol.

Christopher2947d ago

You really need to learn to read.

He's saying that you go in and play the game and get to a point where you failed to do something else in the past or accidentally do something now that pretty much ends the game.

He says it's a game about trial and error and it forces you to REDO things over and over until you get it right.

He didn't say that you should be able to do everything in a single playthrough, doesn't even bring that up. He does say that it shouldn't make things so mysterious that you end up having to replay the last 15-20 minutes of the game because you didn't know that you needed a specific weapon to beat a boss or that talking to a lady would result in you giving her the Zombrex your daughter needed.

jetlian2947d ago

you can(outside every ending). how hard is it to follow the cases file? it gives you the exact directions!!!

vhero2947d ago

Hmm how a gamer only needs the 360 only exclusive content?? Fanboyish article much?? Justifying the 360 only content here while trying to hide the fact its fanboyish.

Mastodon2947d ago

You seem upset that he has an opinion that negates your own. I don't really think him being tired of the game because he played a prequel has anything to do with him being a fanboy. If that were the cast he would be shouting about how the experience is so much better because of the exclusive prequel not that he's tired of Dead Rising in general. Many gamers feel like that about Dead Rising, its a special type of game for a special type of people. Not everyone wants to redo a game 15 to 20 times in order to get a "perfect run".

OGharryjoysticks2947d ago

Until Case West is released. Then at 5 bucks a pop I only spend 10 bucks instead of 60 on the actual game and save quite a bit of money.

I'm not buying the game =)

corneliuscrust2947d ago

Case 0 was decent, but no way am I paying 60 for the full game. Framerate issues and a huge lack of polish that even the original had. I will be getting case west to bring good ol Frank into the picture and introduce the much needed photog element. But no way am I paying $60 for some extra weapons in a poorly coded game

jetlian2947d ago

got this poorly coded from where? based off a demo that was compressed!! the60 is a completely different game. you guess make it seem like your getting the full game lol

Blacktric2947d ago

Gimme the PS3 version Gawddamit! Can't download Case Zero because of the stupid XBL Region Lock that MS puts on some games. I just want to play it but can't :(...

Nathaniel_Drake2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

I wanted try it out also =(

ThanatosDMC2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Play it at a friend's house if possible. It's only a 40 or so minute demo. It's still a blast to play. Good luck.


Also, i noticed in some of the DR2 videos of how much zombies are lacking. In DR1 we can walk on top of them because they are so many but in DR2 there's so much open space between them that we're not actually forced to fight them. I gotta stop spoiling the game for myself... but cant wait!!!

Blacktric2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Since I'm living in Turkey and most likely no one in a 500 km radius won't happen to own a 360 that has the game on it somehow, I won't be able to play it. When I bought some points to buy ME 2 DLC (The Lair Of The Shadowbroker), I was thinking what to buy with the rest of the points. Tried buying GTA: San Andreas first but it gave me a region lock error. Then I tried Case Zero and got the same error again. Then I just give up and bought Worms and Geometry Wars 1.

BLAKHOODe2947d ago

i was all excited for Dead Rising 2, even though i never finished the first Dead Rising. then, i got Case Zero.. played it for awhile and realized it WAS all the Dead Rising i needed.. atleast, it would do me till the sure to come price drop Dead Rising 2 will receive once black friday hits in november. so, i cancelled my preorder for the game and put the money on other stuff, like Medal Of Honor and Rock Band 3. so, thank you, Capcom for Case Zero.. you saved me a ton of money. :)

xxchicago33xx2947d ago

As much as it pains me to say it (I love zombies) but I kind of agree. This game went from a must have to a meh title to me. It really bums me out that Capcom's goal is to replace the RE Series (from a zombie perspective) with this game. The coding is so bad at times and the engine is almost laughable.

I am very disappointed....I am dying (no pun intended) for someone to do a zombie game right. You would think it would be very easy but it's definitely challenging to carry a solid story when the bad guy has little to no personality....maybe we can get a Walking Dead game or something

jetlian2947d ago

your not from chi-town you making us look bad. What difference does it make if RE doesn't have zombies

xxchicago33xx2947d ago

I am...but I can't believe you just said that. I know you're just kidding but saying things like that will get your mouth smacked.

jetlian2947d ago

"The coding is so bad at times and the engine is almost laughable. "

so whats with the coding and how would you have done the engine? All your doing is talking smack and you can't back it up. what is the right way to make a zombie game.

xxchicago33xx2943d ago

Sorry for my delayed response...I tend to make comments then move on with my life.

So if I had it my way, I think the most difficult part of making a zombie game is driving the story. Mostly because the main antagonist doesn't speak or really have personality. So, it's very important to have a strong narrative...I'm thinking something along the lines of the comic book series The Walking Dead.

As far as coding and gameplay mechanics, if we go the walking dead route I would like to see an open world type environment that is a bit more guided than something like Fallout 3. When was the last time you played a zombie game with a truly compelling narrative? RE is pretty fun but it's not the story that sucks you in.

If we go the route of an original series I would like to see a persistent world environment. Where the game starts at the beginning of the outbreak and as you play through the game the world around you continues to change as cities around the world are over run by zombies. Similar to the mechanic used in Demon Souls. Again, I think the greatest challenge will be the narrative. But a 3rd person persistent world zombie game would be pretty sick. Finding yourself in situations where you need to find help to fortify a location etc.

Anyways, that is where I would like to see the zombie genre go...oh and I was joking about the slap should think about getting a sense of humor, maybe visit IO or Second City.

xxchicago33xx2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Sorry one other main beef with Dead Rising is the humor aspect involved with the zombies. I want zombies to be terrifying, they use numbers and the element of surprise. When you watch a good zombie flick you never feel safe regardless of the situation. I have yet to play a zombie game that captures that emotion and terror....even Shaun of the Dead was able to capture that terror

The animations are very stiff, the game has not evolved since the first game was released. It's the exact same game set in a mall/casino. I hope now that you have played the full game you can understand where I am coming from.

I don't see how you can possibly disagree with a single thing I've said.

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