The Story of Alganon: Curse of a WoW Clone writes: "Quest Online (QOL) was a company envisioned and co-founded by David Allen, who aimed to create online games that thousands of people around the world could enjoy. Allen formed the core team, as well as secured the necessary funds from a group of investors in order to work on the company’s first product – Alganon.

At the time, the market was becoming increasingly attractive to potential entrants due to a recent increase in size and relevance, as more people of different age, gender and social make-up tuned to the addictive and engaging experience. The title that was almost single-handedly responsible for this phenomenon was World of Warcraft, created by Blizzard Entertainment. The game managed to embed accessibility of gameplay in a product that traditionally has been served to a niche market segment due to its complexity. As a result, WoW attracted more than 10 million users and became the largest player in the market, ensuring its leadership position. "

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